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Legislative Council 1843-1856

From 1843 to 1851, South Australia was governed by a Legislative Council of seven members, all nominated by the Crown, who ran the colony under the direction of the Governor. In 1851, under the authority of the Imperial Enabling Act for the 'Better Government of Her Majesty's Australian Colonies', the Legislative Council passed Ordinance No. I of 1851, to constitute a new Council.

This new form of Legislative Council comprised twenty-four Members, eight Members nominated by the Crown and sixteen Members returned by the electors. The Governor no longer presided over the deliberations of the Legislative Council and the Members now elected their own Speaker.

The Constitution of the new Council was in some respects an experiment and power to amend it was given to Council, subject to approval by the Crown. This hybrid Council of appointed and elected Members continued to be the Legislature until the inauguration of responsible Government in 1857.