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Charles Cameron
This is a bust of Premier Kingston, who was Premier when women achieved the vote in 1894.
Download image (jpeg 69.53 KB)
'Equal before the Law' tapestries
These tapestries were created in 1994 to commemorate the centenary of women's suffrage in South Australia.
Download image (jpeg 112.28 KB)
'Equal before the Law' tapestries - 2
These tapestries were created in 1994 to commemorate the centenary of women's suffrage in South Australia.
Download image (jpeg 74.68 KB)
House of Assembly Carpet
The pattern of the carpet in the House of Assembly Chambers combines representations of grapes, grain and wattle. The grapes and sheaves of grain represent the major agricultural products of SA and the wattle is the Australian floral emblem.
Download image (jpeg 69.56 KB)
Language Sticks
These Aboriginal language sticks represent every traditional language spoken in the area that is now South Australia, at the time of white settlement. They were presented to the Parliament as part of the 1998 "Journey of Healing".
Download image (jpeg 84.69 KB)
Legislative Council Carpet
The carpet in the Legislative Council Chambers is patterned with the distinctive shape of the Sturt Desert Pea, South Australia's floral emblem.
Download image (jpeg 103.77 KB)
Magna Carta
This reproduction of the Magna Carta reminds everyone of the origins of the Westminster system of Parliament in the pages of British history.
Download image (jpeg 140.39 KB)
Premiers of South Australia
This is a list of all the past Premiers of South Australia. You can learn more about them in the Past Premiers section of this website.
Download image (jpeg 103.56 KB)
Queen's speech
This is the text of the speech given by Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to South Australia in 1954.
Download image (jpeg 51.96 KB)
Royal visit plaque in dining room
This plaque commemorates the visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to South Australia in 1954.
Download image (jpeg 113.76 KB)
Servants stairs in dining room
Pity the maids who had to carry full trays up these stairs in days long past, when country members would "live-in" at Parliament House during the sitting of a session.
Download image (jpeg 97.03 KB)
Sir Thomas Playford IV
This bust celebrates the life and work of Sir Thomas Playford, who was the longest serving Premier of any state in Australia - he was Premier for 27 years.
Download image (jpeg 132.44 KB)
Speakers of the House of Assembly
This is a list of all past Speakers of the house of Assembly.
Download image (jpeg 171.24 KB)
The Fulfillment
The fulfillment of the promise for self-government is symbolised by the completion of the Houses of Parliament in 1936.
Download image (jpeg 101.86 KB)
The Promise
This promise of self-government was made to the colonists in 1834 before the settlement of South Australia.
Download image (jpeg 97.56 KB)
Women's Suffrage petition
This is a reproduction of a petition for women's suffrage in South Australia, bearing 11,600 signatures. The original was presented to Parliament by the Hon. G.C. Hawker on 23rd August 1894, and the women's suffrage bill was passed on 18th December of that year. This reproduction was presented in the centenary of suffrage in 1994.
Download image (jpeg 101.8 KB)