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A confidential research and information resource for Members of the South Australian Parliament

The Parliament Research Library is part of the Joint Parliamentary Service and provides information and research services to Members of the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly and their staff.

The origins of the Library date back to 1852 when Mr G. S. Kingston moved in the Legislative Council that a Standing Library Committee be appointed to make arrangement for the purchase of books and maps and to have general management of the Library. In 2007 the name of the Parliamentary Library was changed to the South Australian Parliament Research Library in acknowledgement of the increased emphasis on its research function.


The Library is managed on behalf of Members by the Director. The Library offers traditional services such as the acquisition and lending of books and other documents. It also provides a range of value-added information services such as specialist databases and research support to Members. Research staff are highly qualified and recruited from a variety of disciplines. The Library primarily serves current Members of the South Australian Parliament but former Members and Members of other Australian Parliaments have right of access.

The Library contains about 100 000 Volumes. Its collections include resources to assist Members of Parliament with their parliamentary duties. Section 35 of the South Australian Libraries Act 1982 requires that a copy of all material published in South Australia be lodged with the Library.