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Video Clips

These video clips were originally part of a video made as an educational resource for schools about the Parliament of South Australia. When you click on any of these movies, it will come up in a new window; next and previous clips can also be accessed from that window. You can also find the movies at places throughout the site where they are present both below the left-hand menu bar and within the text at the relevant sections.

You will need Quicktime to view these movies. Get it here.


1. The History of Old Parliament House [596kb]
2. About the Building of Parliament House [712kb]
3. The Westminster System [449kb]
4. Why the Monarch is not allowed in the House of Assembly [263kb]
5. The House of Assembly and their Chamber [577kb]

The history of Old Parliament House
The Balance of Power

6. Government and the opposition [401kb]
7. The Balance of Power [577kb]
8. The speaker enters the House of Assembly [1014kb]
9. What is Hansard [262kb]
10. Voting and Crossing the floor [630kb]

11. The Legislative Council and their Chamber [654kb]
12. The Black Rod opens a session of Parliament [415kb]
13. Why do all Members go into the Legislative Council Chambers for the opening of Parliament? [286kb]
14. The function of Parliament is to make laws [285kb]
15. How a Bill becomes Law [324kb]

Why do all members go into the Legislative Council Chambers for the opening of Parliament?
The role of Question time

16. The role of Question Time [862kb]
17. The role of Parliamentary Committees [964kb]
18. Parliamentary Finances and the Estimates Committees [746kb]