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Assessment and Treatment Services for People with Mental Health Disorders

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Appointed 6/04/2005
Authority Legislative Council Standing Orders
Status Interim Report authorised to be published and distributed by the President of the Legislative Council, The Hon R R Roberts MLC, on 16 February 2006, pursuant to Resolution of the Legislative Council on 1 December 2006.

On 1 December 2005 the Council resolved to allow the Select Committee on Assessment and Treatment Services for People with Mental Health Disorders - That on Prorogation of the Parliament, the Committee have leave to sit during the recess and report on the first day of the next session.

Subsequently, the Parliament was Prorogued on 8 December 2005 and a letter was received from the Hon P Holloway, Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, advising that all Government Members of continuing Select Committees would not be attending future meetings. The remaining Members elected an Acting Chairperson and continued conducting business.
Contact Ms Noeleen Ryan
Secretary to the Committee
Tel: 8237 9498
Hon Carmel Zollo MLC, Chairperson (6/04/2005 - 17/03/2006)
Hon Michelle Lensink MLC, Acting Chair (12/12/2005 - 17/03/2006)
Hon Gail Gago MLC (6/04/2005 - 17/03/2006)
Hon Angus Redford MLC (6/04/2005 - 17/03/2006)
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