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General Hansard Information

Hansard is the official report of the debates and proceedings of the Parliament.

Hansard is not a verbatim report of what is said but, rather, it is an accurate representation of speeches and statements devoid of redundancies, obvious grammatical errors, slips of the tongue and factual errors.

In South Australia, the Daily Hansard is available on the internet after 4pm of the day following the sitting.

Search Functions
As from 16 October 2007, advanced search functionality has been provided to search Hansard documents.

Filtered Search (October 2007 to present):
allows searching on members, electorates or portfolios and will filter the data in the Bills, Questions and Answers, Speeches and Topics searches if a member, electorate or portfolio is selected. This function also will allow searching on the entire House of Assembly or Legislative Council data for the session or date range selected if a member, electorate or portfolio is not first selected.

Date Search: provides a calendar type of search with options to select PDF or the HTML Daily Hansard; and the HTML topic documents (a section of the Daily Hansard).

Please note that pop-ups need to be enabled for the Date Search to operate correctly.

Indices and Corrigenda Search: provides functions to view the following sessional products produced by Hansard: corrigenda, subject index or member index.

Please note that these products are updated in the week following the sitting week.

Text Search: provides text/phrase searching on the entire House of Assembly and Legislative Council data from August 1993.

***Please use the Help button on each search page for information about how to use these functions***



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