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General Hansard Information

Hansard is the official report of the debates and proceedings of the Parliament.

Hansard is not a verbatim report of what is said but, rather, it is an accurate representation of speeches and statements devoid of redundancies, obvious grammatical errors, slips of the tongue and factual errors.

In South Australia, the Daily Hansard is available on the internet after 4pm of the day following the sitting.

Search Information

Search: The Search screen gives users the option to Enter a search term or an exact phrase in quotes, or use Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT between search terms.
The search term option operates much like external search engines.

Users must use Select a date range.
               NOTE: the date range resets whenever a user returns to the page, so it is necessary to define the required dates for each search.

If users choose to search only after October 2007, additional search options are available to both Narrow the results or apply Advanced Filtering.
Every time the date range is selected or changed, Narrow the results and Advanced Filtering update to show the available options.

Narrow the results allows users to restrict the search results by selecting any of the chambers or events, members, electorates, for the House of Assembly, or portfolios.
Users may select multiple options from any of the narrowing fields.

Advanced Filtering allows users to search only specific proceedings or Subject Headings without reference to the Subject Index.

Calendar Search: provides a calendar of all years for which electronic copies of Hansard are available. Clicking on a shaded date will show what reports are available for that date and give users an option to select either a PDF file of the whole report or, for documents since October 2007, the XML extracts of topics from each report.

Indices and Corrigenda: provides access to indices to accompany all electronic reports. For reports since October 2007 the dynamic indices option provides hyperlinks to the debates by subject heading or member.
The Corrigenda is a document to accompany the printed Hansard, showing changes or corrections made since the printed product was distributed.


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