No. 30



                     VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS


                            OF THE


                       HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY





                                                                       WEDNESDAY 18 NOVEMBER 1992



 1             Meeting of House

                The House met pursuant to adjournment.  The Speaker (Hon. N.T. Peterson) took the

                    Chair and read prayers.


 2             Petition No. 103

                The Clerk announced that the following Member had lodged a Petition for presentation:


                103    Mr Hamilton, from 62 residents of South Australia, requesting that the House urge the                              Government to reduce waiting lists at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


 3             Answers to questions

                Answers to questions without notice were tabled by the Speaker.


 4             Paper

                The following Paper was laid on the Table:


                By the Minister of Labour Relations and Occupational Health and Safety (Hon. R.J.                             Gregory) -

                Commissioner for Public Employment - Report, 1991-92.


 5             Suspension of Standing Orders

                Hon. D.C. Brown, without notice, moved - That Standing Orders be so far suspended as to                                enable him to move a motion without notice, forthwith.

                Question put and passed, without a negative voice, there being present an absolute                            majority of the whole number of Members of the House.


                Suspension of Standing Order 112

                The Deputy Premier (Hon. F.T. Blevins), without notice, moved - That Standing Order 112 be so far suspended as to enable the Members for Kavel and Ross Smith to speak to the motion for an unlimited time.

                Question put and passed, without a negative voice, there being present an absolute

                    majority of the whole number of Members of the House.


                Limitation of debate

                The Deputy Premier moved - That the time allotted for this motion be until midnight.

                Question put and passed.





                No confidence in Government - Motion re 

                Hon. D.C. Brown then moved - That this House no longer has any confidence in the

                    Labor Government because the evidence given to the State Bank Royal Commission and the report of the Commissioner on his first term of reference has established the guilt of the Government, collectively, in -

                (a)     repeatedly misleading this House about the Government's knowledge of the performance of the State Bank and other important issues associated with the Bank, including the collusion of the present Premier in the misleading statements of his predecessor;

                (b)     encouraging the Bank to undertake high risk growth which contributed materially to its massive losses;

                (c)     breaching the State Bank Act;

                (d)     its use of the State Bank as a `cash cow' for Government expenditure;

                (e)     its failure to act on repeated warnings about the operations and performance of the State Bank which exposed taxpayers to huge losses as the ultimate guarantors of the Bank;

                (f)      manipulating the home loan interest rates of the Bank for political gain at three elections;

                and the House further calls on the Government to accept the principle of collective responsibility for these grave derelictions of responsibility and public duty, and resign forthwith.

                Debate ensued.


 6             Message from the Legislative Council

                The following Message from the Legislative Council was received and read:


                Parliamentary Committees (Publication of Reports)

                 Amendment Bill                                                                                                 Message No. 49

                MR SPEAKER - The Legislative Council has passed the Bill transmitted herewith, titled an Act to amend the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991, to which it desires the concurrence of the House of Assembly.

                Legislative Council, 17 November 1992                                            G.L. Bruce, PRESIDENT


                Bill read a first time.

                Ordered - That the second reading be an Order of the Day for tomorrow.


 7             No Confidence in Government - Motion re

                Debate (interrupted by receipt of the foregoing Message) resumed.


 8             Extension of time for adjournment

                The Deputy Premier (Hon. F.T. Blevins) moved - That the time for moving the adjournment of the House be extended beyond 10.00 p.m.

                Question put and passed.


 9             No Confidence in Government - Motion re

                Debate (interrupted by foregoing motion) resumed.

                Question put.



                House divided (No. 1):

               Ayes, 23.                                       Noes, 23.

            Hon. H. Allison

            Dr Armitage

             Hon. P.B. Arnold

            Mr D.S. Baker

            Mr S.J. Baker

            Mr Becker

            Mr Blacker

            Mr Brindal

            Hon. J.L. Cashmore

            Hon. B.C. Eastick

            Mr S.G. Evans

            Mr Gunn

            Mr Ingerson

            Mrs Kotz

            Mr Lewis

            Mr Matthew

            Mr Meier

            Mr Olsen

            Mr Oswald

            Mr Such

            Mr Venning

            Hon. D.C. Wotton

            Hon. D.C. Brown (Teller)


Mr Atkinson

Hon. J.C. Bannon

Hon. F.T. Blevins

Hon. G.J. Crafter

Mr De Laine

Hon. M.J. Evans

Mr Ferguson

Hon. R.J. Gregory

Hon. T.R. Groom

Mr Hamilton

Hon. T.H. Hemmings

Mr Heron

Mr Holloway

Hon. D.J. Hopgood

Mrs Hutchison

Hon. J.H.C. Klunder

Hon. S.M. Lenehan

Mr McKee

Hon. M.K. Mayes

Mr Quirke

Hon. M.D. Rann

Hon. J.P. Trainer

Hon. L.M.F. Arnold (Teller)

                Casting Vote

                The number of Ayes and Noes being equal, the Speaker gave his casting vote for the Noes because the former Treasurer had adhered to the convention of Ministerial responsibility and resigned from his portfolios.

                So it passed in the negative.


10           Adjournment

                House adjourned at 12.04 a.m. until today at 10.30 a.m.




                Present during the day - All the Members.







                                                                                                                                                N.T. Peterson



G.D. Mitchell