No. 42


                     VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS


                            OF THE


                       HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY






                                                                               TUESDAY 17 MARCH 1992


 1             Meeting of House

                The House met pursuant to adjournment.  The Speaker (Hon. N.T. Peterson) took the

                   Chair and read prayers.


 2             Messages from the Governor

                The following Messages from the Governor were received and read:


                Assent to Bills                                                                     Message No.24

                The Governor informs the House of Assembly that, in the name and on behalf of Her

                   Majesty The Queen, the following Acts have been assented to during the present Session:

                   No.1 of 1992 - An Act to amend the Motor Vehicles Act 1959; and to make a

                       consequential amendment to the Road Traffic Act 1961.

                   No.2 of 1992 - An Act to amend the Metropolitan Taxi-Cab Act 1956.

                   No.3 of 1992 - An Act to amend the Urban Land Trust Act 1981.

                   No.4 of 1992 - An Act to amend the Parliament (Joint Services) Act 1985.

                Government House, Adelaide, 17 March 1992         R.F.Mitchell, GOVERNOR


                State Lotteries (Soccer Pools & Other) Amendment Bill                          Message No.25   

                The Governor recommends to the House of Asembly the appropriation of such amounts of

                   money as may be required for the purposes mentioned in the State Lotteries (Soccer Pools & Other) Amendment Bill 1992.

                Government House, Adelaide, 17 March 1992         R.F. Mitchell, GOVERNOR


  3            Petitions Nos 201 to 211

                The Clerk announced that the following Members had lodged Petitions for presentation:


                201 to 208 The Minister of Emergency Services (Hon.J.H.C. Klunder), Dr Armitage,

                   Messrs Atkinson, D.S. Baker and S.J.Baker, Hon.B.C. Eastick, Mrs Hutchison and Hon.J.P. Trainer, from 1 456 residents of South Australia, requesting that the House urge the Government not to introduce gaming machines into hotels and clubs.


                209 Dr Armitage, from 402 residents of South Australia, requesting that the House urge

                   the   Government to open the North Adelaide Police Station on a 24 hour basis.


                210 Dr Armitage, from 84 residents of South Australia, requesting that the House urge the

                   Government not to close Hillcrest Hospital.


                211 Mr Becker, from 1 964 residents of South Australia, requesting that the House urge

                   the Government to stop reduced standards being created by publishers of certain

                   magazines and posters debasing women.




  4            Answers to questions

                Answers to questions on the Notice Paper Nos 269, 279, 284, 297, 305, 313, 316, 317, 319

                   to 323, 326 to 329, 332, 333, 336 to 338, 340, 341, 343 to 345, 347, 355, 357 to 359, 361

                   to 372, 374, 376, 379, 384 to 386, 389, 390, 392 to 402, 408 to 413 and questions without notice were tabled by the Speaker.


  5            Papers

                The following Papers were laid on the Table:


                By the Premier (Hon.J.C. Bannon) -

                   Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works - 65th General Report.

                   Remuneration Tribunal - Report relating to the Judiciary.


                By the Minister of Education (Hon.G.J. Crafter) -

                   Justices Act 1921 - Rules - Court Fees.

                   Education Act 1972 - Regulations - Director-General.

                   Fair Trading Act 1987 - Regulations - Health and Fitness Businesses.

                   Land Agents, Brokers and Valuers Act 1973 - Regulations - Corporation Licences.

                   Legal Practitioners Act 1981 - Regulations - Court Fees.

                   Local and District Criminal Courts Act 1926 - Regulations - Court Fees.

                   Supreme Court Act 1935 - Regulations -

                       Court Fees.

                       Probate Fees.

                   Trustee Act 1936 - Regulation - Commonwealth Bank.


                By the Minister of Transport (Hon.F.T. Blevins) -

                   Road Traffic Act 1961 - Regulations - Vehicle Inspection Fees.

                   Metropolitan Taxi-Cab Act 1956 - Applications to Lease, 26 February 1992.


                By the Minister for Environment and Planning (Hon.S.M. Lenehan) -

                   Clean Air Act 1984 - Regulations - Refuse Burning - Marion and Mitcham.

                   Dangerous Substances Act 1979 - Regulations - Gas Fitting.


                By the Minister of Employment and Further Education (Hon.M.D. Rann) -

                   Women and TAFE, A National Plan of Action - Report, 1991.

                   The Flinders University of South Australia Act - By-laws - South Australian

                       College of Advanced Education Revocation.

                   Corporation By-laws -

                       Glenelg - No. 3 - Vehicle Movement.

                       Noarlunga -

                            No. 1 - Penalties and Permits.

                            No. 2 - Flammable Undergrowth.

                            No. 3 - Bees.

                            No. 4 - Petrol Pumps.

                            No. 5 - Dogs.

                            No. 6 - Animals, Birds and Poultry.

                            No. 7 - Caravans and Tents.

                            No. 8 - Parks, Playgrounds and Reserves.

                            No. 9 - Streets and Street Traders.

                            No.10 - Traffic.

                            No.11 - Garbage.

                            No.12 - Bridges and Jetties.

                            No.13 - Beach and Foreshore.






                            No.14 - Bird Scarers.

                            No.15 - Signs.

                            No.16 - Repeal of By-laws.


 6             Matter of Urgency

                The Speaker stated that he had received from Mr D.S. Baker a letter proposing that the

                   following matter of urgency be discussed - That in view of the latest labour force

                   figures published last Thursday, this House -

                   -   condemns the Government on behalf of the more than 83 000 South Australians who

                       are now   unemployed which is a greater number than at any time in the State's history

                       including during the Great Depression;

                   -   condemns the Treasurer for the tragedy of allowing youth unemployment to exceed

                       40%,thereby undermining the working future of South Australia;

                   -   condemns the Government for the State's overall unemployment rate of 11.5% which is worse than any other State or Territory and far higher than the Australian average of 10.5%;

                   -   recognises that the main reason for South Australia having the worst economic

                       problems in the nation is the failure by the Premier and Treasurer to properly

                       supervise Government instrumentalities like the State Bank, SGIC,SAFA and SATCO

                       or to take the tough economic and financial decisions needed; and

                   -   calls on the Government as a matter of urgency to now take the following actions

                       to reverse the alarming rise in unemployment -

                       1/ honour the promise first made by the Premier in 1980 to lead a national campaign

                                for    the abolition of payroll tax which is an iniquitous tax on jobs and exports;

                       2/ change our labour laws to allow genuine voluntary unionism and enterprise

                                bargaining which will create jobs based on workplace circumstances,

                                co-operation and increased productivity;

                       3/ cut wasteful recurrent spending and increase capital expenditure on

                                infrastructure projects of lasting value which can create jobs and improve


                       4/ restructure WorkCover and reduce levy rates from the current average of 3.8% of

                                payroll to levels competitive with New South Wales where the average is 1.8%

                                of payroll;

                       5/ ensure that no school leaver is unemployed through want of a place in a

                                university, TAFE College, apprenticeship or traineeship scheme;

                       6/ privatise institutions like the State Bank and the SGIC and sell off

                                unnecessary assets to reduce State debt and the annual interest burden on that

                                $6.6 billion debt;

                       7/ provide incentives for industry, business and Government decentralisation into

                                country and regional towns; and

                       8/ reduce regulation and other red tape that is stifling business and honour the

                                promise first made in 1985 to introduce a `one-stop-shop' for business.


                The Speaker thereupon called upon those Members who supported the proposed matter to

                   rise in their places; and more than the necessary number of Members having risen accordingly:

                Debate ensued.

                Matter withdrawn.


 7             Grievance debate

                The Speaker proposed - That the House note grievances.

                Debate ensued.

                Question put and passed.


 8             Message from the Legislative Council

                The following Message from the Legislative Council was received and read:




                Associations Incorporation (Miscellaneous)

                   Amendment Bill                                                                                               Message No.75

                MR SPEAKER - The Legislative Council has passed the Bill transmitted herewith,

                   titled an Act to amend the Associations Incorporation Act 1985, to which it desires the concurrence of the House of Assembly.

                Legislative Council,27 February 1992                        G.L.Bruce, PRESIDENT


                Bill read a first time.

                Ordered - That the second reading be an Order of the Day for tomorrow.


9              Limitation of debate

                The Deputy Premier (Hon.D.J. Hopgood) moved - That the time allotted for completion

                    of all stages of the MFP Development Bill be until 5.30 p.m. on Thursday 19 March.

                Question put and passed.


10           Real Property (Transfer of Allotments) Amendment Bill

                The Minister for Environment and Planning, pursuant to notice, moved - That she have

                    leave to introduce a Bill for an Act to amend the Real Property Act 1886and to make a

                    related amendment to the Strata Titles Act 1988.

                Question put and passed.


                Bill presented and read a first time.

                The Minister moved - That this Bill be now read a second time.

                Ordered, on motion of Mr Ingerson, that the debate be adjourned until tomorrow.


11           Postponement of business

                Ordered - That Order of the Day (Government Business) No.1 be postponed and taken

                    into consideration after Order of the Day (Government Business) No.2.                                                                                                  

12           MFP Development Bill

                Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the question - That the MFP

                    Development Bill be now read a second time.

                Debate resumed.


13           Extension of time for adjournment

                The Minister of Labour moved - That the time for moving the adjournment of the

                    House be extended beyond 10.00 p.m.

                Question put and passed.


14           Message from the Legislative Council

                The following Message from the Legislative Council was received and read:


                Road Traffic (Prescribed Vehicles) Amendment Bill                                  Message No.76

                MR SPEAKER - The Legislative Council has agreed to the Bill returned herewith,

                    titled an Act to amend the Road Traffic Act 1961, without any amendment.

                Legislative Council, 17 March 1992                  G.L.Bruce,PRESIDENT


15           MFP Development Bill

                Debate (interrupted by the foregoing) resumed.

                Ordered, on motion of Mr Matthew, that the debate be further adjourned until



16           Adjournment

                House adjourned at 11.40 p.m. until tomorow at 2.00 p.m.







                                                               MOTIONS OF WHICH NOTICE WAS GIVEN



For Wednesday 18 March

                Notice of Motion: Private Members Bills -


Mr S.G. Evans to move - That he have leave to introduce a Bill for an Act to amend the Stamp

                Duties Act 1923.


                Notices of Motion: Government Business -


The Minister of Employment and Further Education to move - That he have leave to introduce a

                Bill for an Act to amend the University of South Australia Act 1990.


The Minister of Aboriginal Affairs to move - That pursuant to section 42c(11) of the

                Pitjantjatjara Land Rights Act 1981, this House resolves that section 42c of the Act shall

                continue in operation for a further 5 years and that a message be sent to the Legislative

                Council seeking its concurrence thereto.                  


For Thursday 26 March

                Notices of Motion: Other Business -


Mr Holloway to move - That this House deplores the anti-competitive trade policies of the United

                States and the apparent acquiescence of Japan to those policies, which threaten to lead to the cancellation of contracts for Australian manufactured motor vehicle components in favour of inferior or more expensive U.S. products.


Mr Atkinson to move - That this House welcomes the measures in the Prime Minister's One

                Nation statement as a balanced fiscal stimulus that will put many Australians back to work and result in a more competitive Australian economy and recognises the potential benefit to the South Australian economy of the Adelaide-Melbourne rail standardisation, upgrading of the Port Augusta rail workshops, additional oad funding and tax concessions to small business. 






                Present during the day - All the Members.