No. 6

















1       Meeting of House

The House met pursuant to adjournment.  The Speaker (Hon. N.T. Peterson) took the Chair and read prayers.


2       Petition No. 21

The Clerk announced that the following Member had lodged a Petition for presentation:


21   Mr Matthew, from 831 residents of South Australia, praying that the House urge the Government to devote greater resources to the maintenance of law and order.


3       Joint Committee on Subordinate Legislation ‑ Minutes of Proceedings

Mr McKee, by leave, brought up the Joint Committee on Subordinate Legislation Minutes of Proceedings of 15 August 1990.

Minutes received.


4       Joint Committee on Subordinate Legislation ‑ Minutes of Evidence

Mr McKee brought up the Minutes of Evidence given before the Joint Committee on Subordinate Legislation on Regulations under the Clean Air Act, 1984 relating to Backyard Burning.

Minutes received.


5       Questions

Questions without notice were asked.


6       Select Committee on the Operation of the Worker's Liens Act, 1893

Mr Groom brought up the Report of the Select Committee on the Operation of the Worker's Liens Act, 1893, together with Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence.

Report received (Paper No. 138).

Ordered ‑ That consideration of the Report be an Order of the Day for   tomorrow.



7       Suspension of Standing Orders

The Minister of Education (Hon. G.J. Crafter), without notice, moved ‑  That the Standing Orders be so far suspended as to enable the introduction of Notice of Motion:Government Business No. 1.

Question put and passed, without a negative voice, there being present an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the House.


8       Self Defence ‑ Motion of Select Committee

The Minister of Education, pursuant to notice, moved ‑ That a Select Committee be appointed to consider the adequacy of the laws and rights of citizens in the area of self defence and to ‑

(a)  consider the state of the law in relation to the rights of any citizen to exercise force in the protection of person or property;

(b)  consider whether the current state of the law satisfactorily enables the occupiers of homes to protect themselves or their property against intruders; and

(c)  make recommendations for the reform of the law as considered necessary or desirable.

Ordered, on motion of Mr S.J Baker, that the debate be adjourned until   tomorrow.


9       Address in Reply

Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the question ‑ That the Address be adopted.

Debate resumed.

Question put and passed.


10      Adjournment

The Minister of Housing and Construction (Hon. M.K. Mayes) moved ‑ That the House do now adjourn.

Debate ensued.

Question put and passed.

House adjourned at 5.40 p.m. until tomorrow at 11.00 a.m.








For Thursday 16 August 1990

Notice of Motion: Government Business‑‑


The Minister of Labour to move‑‑That he have leave to introduce a Bill for an  Act to amend the Shop Trading Hours Act, 1977, and the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1936.




For Thursday 23 August 1990

Notice of Motion: Other Business‑‑


Mr S.G. Evans to move‑‑That the Regulations under the Casino Act, 1983 relating      to Video Machines, made on 29 March and laid on the Table of this House on 3 April 1990, be disallowed.





Present during the day ‑ All the Members except Mr Blacker and Hon. T. Chapman.





                                                                                                               N.T. Peterson


G.D. Mitchell