HOUSE  OF  ASSEMBLY

                                                     SUPPLEMENT  TO  VOTES  AND  PROCEEDINGS


                                 ESTIMATES  COMMITTEE  A

                                                                             APPROPRIATION  BILL


                                MINUTES  OF  PROCEEDINGS

                              Thursday 26 September 1991 at 11.00 a.m. in the House of Assembly Chamber



                                Mr M.J. Evans - Chairman

                                Mr Becker                                                  Mr Heron

                                Mr Brindal                                                 Mr Oswald

                                Mr Hamilton                                              Mr Quirke



1.             Proposed payments considered as follows:

                (The Minister of Housing and Construction, Hon. M.K. Mayes, appearing before the



                Recreation and Sport, $7 547 000-considered.

                Works and Services - Department of Recreation and Sport, $15 351 000-considered.





                Mr Atkinson substituted for Mr Hamilton.




                Consideration resumed and concluded.




                Hon. H. Allison substituted for Mr Brindal.

                Mr Hamilton substituted for Mr Atkinson.

                Mr Lewis substituted for Mr Oswald.




                Housing and Construction, $30 691 000-considered and concluded.

                Works and Services - Department of Housing and Construction, $122 614 000-

                  considered and concluded.

                Minister of Housing and Construction and Minister of Public Works, Miscellaneous,

                 $4 477 000-considered and concluded.

















                Mr S.J. Baker substituted for Mr Lewis.




                South Australian Housing Trust, $52 952 000-considered and concluded.

                Works and Services - South Australian Housing Trust, $80 356 000-considered and



2.             The Chairman laid before the Committee a draft report.

                Resolved, on motion of Mr Hamilton, that the draft report be the Report of the Committee.



3.             The Committee adjourned at 9.59 p.m. sine die.






M.J. Evans, Chairman.