HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY


                                                         SUPPLEMENT TO VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS




                    ESTIMATES COMMITTEE B


                                                                              APPROPRIATION BILL




                   MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS



                             Thursday 24 September 1992 at 11.00 a.m. in the Legislative Council Chamber





                Hon. T.H. Hemmings - Chairman       Mr Quirke                             

                Mr Holloway                                                         Mr Such

                Mr Ingerson                                                          Mr Venning

                Mr McKee



1.             Proposed payments considered as follows:

                (Minister of Tourism, Minister of Consumer Affairs and Minister of Small Business, Hon. B.J. Wiese, appearing before the Committee).


                Tourism South Australia, $16 725 000-considered.





                Mr Ferguson substituted for Mr Holloway.




                Consideration resumed and concluded.

                Minister of Tourism, Miscellaneous, $7 355 000-considered and concluded.

                Public and Consumer Affairs, $4 946 000-considered.





                Mr S.J. Baker substituted for Mr Ingerson.




                Consideration resumed.





                Mr Holloway substituted for Mr Ferguson.









                Consideration resumed.





                Mr Olsen substituted for Mr Such.




                Minister of Consumer Affairs and Minister of Small Business, Miscellaneous,

                $1 156 000-considered and concluded.


2.             Resolved, on the motion of Mr McKee, that the draft report be the Report of the Committee.


3.             The Committee adjourned at 10.00 p.m. sine die.                       







Hon. T.H. Hemmings, Chairman