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Legislative Council
House of Assembly
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Business Of The Council

Notice Paper

  • Notices Of Motion and Orders Of The Day
    Consists of Notices Of Motion to be moved (including Motions for the Introduction of Bills) and Orders of the Day which comprise Notices of Motion that have been ordered by the Council to be set down for a specific day and other business, especially legislation being processed by the Council.
  • Subordinate Legislation
    Consists of all Subordinate Legislation before the Council (Corporation By-laws, Regulations and Rules under Acts) which is still within the period for disallowance procedures to be commenced in Council.

Questions On Notice

  • Questions On Notice
    Questions On Notice are written questions directed at Ministers regarding their supervision of the State's business. Questions asked are set down in the Notice Paper and the relevant Minister responds in writing.

Index to Parliamentary Papers

Index to Bills and Acts

  • Index to Bills and Acts
    Comprises a list of all Bills which have been introduced in the Council or received from the Assembly together with the Act No. when assented to.

Minutes Of Proceedings

Statistical Summaries

Standing Orders