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Bill - Relationships Register (No 1)
Bill Number - 169

Status - Assented
Introduced in the House of Assembly
Bill TitleRelationships Register (No 1) Bill Number175
Introduced in theHouse of Assemblyon(None Specified)
PrecisThe Relationships Register Act is the result of the Statutes Amendment (Surrogacy Eligibility) Bill being divided into two bills.
This Act, creates an option for couples in any relationship to more easily demonstrate their status when dealing with various bodies, including government agencies and service providers, in order to have their relationship rightly respected and to access their rights and entitlements. The Act will establish a relationship register that will ensure South Australia is in line with the federal government's moves to remove discrimination of unmarried people, whether in heterosexual or non-heterosexual relationships
Unmarried couples, whether in heterosexual or non-heterosexual relationships, will be able to register their relationships, receive a certificate of registration and know that their relationship is respected and recognised here in South Australia. The register provides an important avenue for all couples to express their commitment to each other in a dignified and legally recognised way. It will make simpler the process of seeking access to entitlements and asserting their rights as a couple, including in situations of a medical nature.
The Act will provide for the legal recognition of persons in a relationship as a couple, regardless of their sex or gender identity, by registration of the relationship. The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages will administer the register. Registration will be voluntary. A couple must apply to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to have their relationship registered. This recognises individual autonomy, with partners voluntarily choosing to register their relationship and to be bound by the legislation.
Procedural NotesContingently on the Relationships Register Bill being committed to a Committee of the whole House
That it be an instruction to the Committee of the whole House on the Bill that it have power to divide the Bill into two Bills, one Bill to be referred to as the Statutes Amendment (Surrogacy Eligibility) Bill comprising Schedule 1 Part 2 clause 2, Schedule 1 Part 5 clause 5 (4) and Schedule 1 Part 6 clauses 21 to 27 inclusive and the second Bill to be referred to as the Relationships Register (No 1) Bill comprising the balance of the Bill.  Bill Divided 15 November 2016

As divided in Committee from Relationships Register Bill No. 158
Title - (No 1) removed from title - clerk's amendment - when sent for assent.
Referred to Committee of the Whole on15/11/2016
DateConsideration OfClause Number/TitleOutcome
15/11/2016Clause(s)1 to 4Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)5Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)6 to 9Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)10 to 14Agreed to
15/11/201615Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)16Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)17 to 21Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)22Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)23 to 26Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)27Agreed to
15/11/2016Clause(s)28 to 31Agreed to
15/11/2016Sched(s)1Agreed to
15/11/2016Title Amended and agreed to
Third Reading MovedMs Hildyardon15/11/2016
3rd Reading Date15/11/2016
Received in the Legislative Council
Bill TitleRelationships Register (No 1) Bill Number169
Received in theLegislative Councilon15/11/2016
Second Reading MovedMinister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation (Hon I K Hunter (MLC))on16/11/2016
2nd Reading Debates
29/11/2016Hon T A Franks (MLC)
29/11/2016Hon J A Darley (MLC)
29/11/2016Hon K L Vincent (MLC)
30/11/2016Hon G E Gago (MLC)
01/12/2016Hon J S Dawkins (MLC)
06/12/2016Hon J M Lensink (MLC)
06/12/2016Hon R I Lucas (MLC)
06/12/2016Hon T J Stephens (MLC)
06/12/2016Hon R L Brokenshire (MLC)
06/12/2016Hon J M Gazzola (MLC)
06/12/2016Minister for Employment (Hon K Maher (MLC))
06/12/2016Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation (Hon I K Hunter (MLC))
2nd Reading Date06/12/2016
Referred to Committee of the Whole on06/12/2016
DateConsideration OfClause Number/TitleOutcome
06/12/2016Clause(s)1Agreed to
06/12/2016Clause(s)2-5Agreed to
06/12/2016Clause(s)6Agreed to
06/12/2016Clause(s)7-17Agreed to
06/12/2016Clause(s)18Agreed to
06/12/2016Clause(s)19-25Agreed to
06/12/2016Clause(s)26Agreed to
06/12/2016Clause(s)27-31Agreed to
06/12/2016Sched(s) Agreed to
06/12/2016Title Agreed to
Third Reading MovedMinister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation (Hon I K Hunter (MLC))on06/12/2016
3rd Reading Date06/12/2016
14/02/2017Message from the Legislative Council - Returning without amendment
16/02/2017Message from the Govenor - Assent