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Legislative Council

The Legislative Council


  • presides over the debates of the Legislative Council
  • is elected by Members of the Legislative Council
  • keeps order in the Legislative Council
  • understands the rules (Standing Orders) and procedures and ensures that they are followed to preserve order
  • does not take part in debates
  • calls Members who wish to speak or ask questions
  • puts the questions on which Members vote, and announces the results of each vote
  • acts as Chair of Committees and sits in the chair at the head of the Table between the Clerks when bills are considered in detail and amendments made
  • once elected may continue to be an active member of a political party, but is expected to be fair to all members whatever party or group to which they may belong
  • sits in the President’s Chair



  • represent the whole State as the Electorate
  • are elected for eight year terms
  • are usually a member of a Political Party
  • speak in debates, ask questions, present petitions and take part in votes
  • raise issues of concern affecting people within the State
  • examine bills and may move amendments to bills
  • move motions for debate
  • are usually members of one or more committees



  • is the chief representative of the Government in the Legislative Council
  • is also a senior Minister
  • is responsible for the organisation of Government Business in the Legislative Council
  • takes a major part in debates
  • sits to the President’s right, opposite the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council



  • is the chief representative of the Opposition in the Legislative Council
  • is a senior member of the Opposition ‘Shadow Ministry’
  • is responsible for the presentation of the Opposition’s views in the Legislative Council
  • takes a major part in debates and in asking questions
  • sits to the President’s left, opposite the Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council. 



  • gives procedural advice based on Standing Orders, procedures and practices of the Legislative Council to the President, Ministers and Members
  • compiles and has the custody of the official records of the business of the Legislative Council
  • calls items of business, reads titles of bills and announces petitions
  • rings the bells for divisions
  • is responsible for the administration of the Legislative Council and its Committees
  • is appointed to the position after many years of experience
  • sits at the head of the Table, on the right hand side of the President
  • wears the traditional dress of a gown
  • is assisted by a Deputy Clerk and the Clerk-Assistant

President and Clerks


  • escorts the Governor (the Queen’s representative) in the Opening of Parliament
  • carries the Black Rod which rests on the table and is a symbol of the authority of the Crown
  • by direction of the President keeps order in the Chamber and the Public Galleries
  • is responsible for security of Members and visitors
  • is a member of the Legislative Council Staff

 Usher of the Black Rod


  • deliver messages to and from Members
  • prepare the Council at the beginning of the day
  • distribute bills and other documents in the Chamber and to offices
  • assist visitors to Parliament House
  • are supervised by the Usher of the Black Rod




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