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Glossary of terms

Act: A Law made by Parliament

Amend: Changing the words in a Bill

Bill: A proposal for a Law

Campaigning: Getting support for yourself, your ideas or the group you represent

Class Structure: A ranking of people according to their position in society

Coalition: The joining of two or more political parties

Compulsory: Something that has to be done

Conservative Parties: Political Parties who support existing values and institutions and resist change

Democracy: System of Government where people have a say on who governs them

Educating: Teaching and Learning

Electorate: Geographic area of a certain number of people that a Member of Parliament represents or all of the people who live in an area represented by a Member of Parliament

Electoral Roll: The official list of eligible persons who may vote in an election

Governed: Controlled or ruled

Government: The political party with the most elected Members in Parliament

Issues: Topics for debate

Marginal Seats: An electorate that could be won by a small change in voting pattern

Policies: The principles a Political Party follows

Political Party: An organised group of people seeking political power at elections

Polling Booth: A place where people can vote in an election

Portfolio: A Minister's area of responsibility as a member of Cabinet

Question without Notice: Question asked orally of a Minister where the Minister usually has no warning of the content of the question.

Representative Democracy: System of Government where people have a say who governs them through the right to vote

Responsibility: Duty to do something

Responsible Government: The Government is responsible to the Parliament and this can be seen particularly in Question Time and the Parliament is responsible to the people and held responsible at election time

Safe Seat: An electorate where sitting Member of Parliament has far more support than the opposition

Voter: Someone entitled and enrolled to vote in elections

Westminster System: Name given to the system of Government that comes from England

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