No 4














1       Meeting of House

The House met pursuant to adjournment.  The Speaker (Hon J K G Oswald) took the Chair and read prayers.


2       Petition No 6

         The Clerk announced that the following Member had lodged a Petition for presentation:


6    Mrs Penfold, from 269 residents of South Australia, requesting that the House urge the Government to approach the Port Lincoln City Council to reduce the speed limit in front of the Kirton Point School and Kindergarten to 25 kilometers per hour.


3       Papers

         The following Papers were tabled:


          By the Premier (Hon J W Olsen) -

            Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission, South Australian - Report, 1997-98

            Planning Strategy for South Australia – Premier’s Report on, 1997-98


          By the Minister for Human Services (Hon D C Brown) -

            Flinders Medical Centre - By Laws - General


          By the Minister for Government Enterprises (Hon M H Armitage) -

            Administrative and Information Services, Department for - Report, 1997-98

            Industrial and Commercial Premises Corporation -

               Charter, 1998-99

               Report, 1997-98

            Legal Services Commission of South Australia - Report, 1997-98

            Playford Centre - Report, 1997-98

            Public Trustee - Report, 1997-98


          By the Minister for Education, Children's Services and Training (Hon M R Buckby) -

            ETSA Corporation, Direction to - Relating to -

               Installation of Metering Facilities

               Issues (a) and (b)

               Issues Numbered 1 - 10

               Schedules 1,2 and 3

            Police Superannuation Board - Report, 1997-98


              SA Generation Corporation, Direction to - In respect of -

                   Issues (a) and (b)

                   Issues Numbered 1 - 9

                   Schedule 1


          By the Minister for Environment and Heritage (Hon D C Kotz) -

              Patawalonga Catchment Water Management Board - Report, 1997-98

              Torrens Catchment Water Management Board - Report, 1997-98


          By the Minister for Local Government (Hon M K Brindal) -

               Local Government Act - Regulations - Superannuation Board - Shares and other Securities

               District Council - By-Laws - Tatiara

                     No 1 - Permits and Penalties

                     No 2 - Moveable Signs

                     No 3 - Council Land

                     No 4 - Bees

                     No 5 - Animals and Birds

                     No 6 - Caravans

                     No 7 - Taxis

                     No 8 - Dogs.


4       Questions

         Questions without notice were asked.


5       Grievance debate

         The Speaker proposed - That the House note grievances.

         Debate ensued.

         Question put and passed.


6       Address in Reply

Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the question - That the Address be adopted.

         Debate resumed.


7       Message from the Legislative Council

         The following Message from the Legislative Council was received and read:


         Judges Pensions (Preserved Pensions) Amendment Bill                        Message No 4

MR SPEAKER - The Legislative Council has passed the Bill transmitted herewith, titled an Act to amend the Judges’ Pensions Act 1971, to which it desires the concurrence of the House of Assembly.

         Legislative Council, 3 November 1998                                             J C Irwin, PRESIDENT


         Bill read a first time.


         Ordered - That the second reading be taken into consideration on motion.


8       Address in Reply

         Debate (interrupted by receipt of the foregoing Message) resumed.

         Question put and passed.


9       Adjournment

         House adjourned at 9.23 pm until tomorrow at 2.00 pm.







         For Wednesday 4 November 1998


Notice of Motion: Government Business –


The Premier to move – That he have leave to introduce a Bill for an Act to amend the Australian Formula One Grand Prix Act 1984.


         For Thursday 5 November 1998


Notice of Motion: Private Members Bills/ Committees/ Regulations –


Mr Hill to move – That the Regulations under the Native Vegetation Act 1991 relating to exemptions, gazetted on 21 August 1998 and laid on the Table of this House on 15 November 1997, be disallowed.


Notices of Motion: Other Motions


Ms Thompson to move – That this House congratulates all those involved in the Southern Youth Week program for their successful showcasing of the positive contribution young people make to our community.


Hon G A Ingerson to move – That this House welcomes the announcement of the Olympic Torch Relay as an exiting celebration of Australia’s hosting of the 2000 Olympic Games, an important opportunity to promote many of our State tourism assets and a vital component of our local celebrations for the coming Olympic Games.





         Present during the day - All Members except Ms Breuer and Mrs Penfold.






                                                                                                            J K G Oswald



G D Mitchell