No 10














1       Meeting of House

The House met pursuant to adjournment.  The Speaker (Hon J K G Oswald) took the Chair and read prayers.


2       Petition No 11

         The Clerk announced that the following Member had lodged a Petition for presentation:


11   The Minister for Local Government (Hon M K Brindal), from 27 residents of South Australia, requesting that the House oppose the passage of the Gaming Industry Regulation Bill 1998.


3       Answers to questions

Answers to questions on the Notice Paper Nos 3, 4, 14 to 17, 27 and 31 were tabled by the Speaker.


4       Paper

         The Speaker laid on the Table the following paper:


Auditor-General – Supplementary Report for year ended 30 June 1998.

Ordered to be printed (Paper No 4B).


5       Papers

         The following Papers were tabled:


          By the Premier (Hon J W Olsen) -

            Adelaide Convention Centre - Report, 1997-98


          By the Minister for Human Services (Hon D C Brown) -

            Adelaide Festival Centre Trust - Erratum Report of Financial Statements, 1997-98

            Development Act - Regulations - Schedule 2 - Zones


          By the Minister for Government Enterprises (Hon M H Armitage) -

            Country Fire Service, South Australian - Report, 1997-98

            Industrial Relations Advisory Committee - Report, 1997-98

            Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Advisory Committee - Report, 1997-98


          By the Minister for Environment and Heritage (Hon D C Kotz) -

            National Parks and Wildlife Council, South Australian - Report, 1997-98

            Native Vegetation Council - Report, 1997-98

            Northern Adelaide and Barossa Catchment Water Management Board - Report, 1997-98

            Reserve Planning and Management Advisory Committee - Report, 1997-98

            South East Catchment Water Management Board - Report, 1997-98

            Wildlife Advisory Committee - Report, 1997-98.


6       Public Works Committee - Report – Queen Elizabeth Hospital Intensive Care Redevelopment

Mr Lewis brought up the Eighty-Second Report of the Committee relating on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Intensive Care Redevelopment.

         Report received.

         Ordered to be printed (Paper No 185).


7       Questions

         Questions without notice were asked.


8       Grievance debate

         The Speaker proposed - That the House note grievances.

         Debate ensued.

         Question put and passed.


9       Road Traffic (Road Events) Amendment Bill

         Order of the Day read for the second reading of this Bill.

         The Minister for Human Services moved - That this Bill be now read a second time.

         Ordered, on motion of Ms Stevens, that the debate be adjourned until tomorrow.


10      Shop Trading Hours (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill

Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the question - That this Bill be now read a second time.

Debate resumed.


11      Extension of time for adjournment

The Minister for Government Enterprises moved - That the time for moving the adjournment of the House be extended beyond 10.00 pm.

Question put and passed.


12      Shop Trading Hours (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill

Debate (interrupted by the foregoing motion) resumed.

         Question put and passed.


         Bill read a second time.


         Suspension of Standing Orders

Mr Clarke, without notice, moved - That Standing Orders be so far suspended as to enable him to move an instruction to the Committee without notice.

Question put and passed, without a negative voice, there being present an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the House.


Instruction to Committee

Mr Clarke then moved – That it be an instruction to the Committee of the whole House on the Bill that it have power to consider a new clause relating to retail shop leases.

Question put and passed


In Committee

                                                Clauses Nos 1 to 4 agreed to.

                                                Clause No 5 read.

Mr Atkinson moved on page 3, lines 5 and 6 to leave out the word “Easter” twice occurring and insert the word “Holy”.


Amendment withdrawn

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.


                                       Clause otherwise amended and agreed to.

                                                Clauses Nos 6 to 9 agreed to.

         Mr Clarke moved on page 4, after line 7 to insert a new clause as follows:

10 Amendment of Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995.  The Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995 is amended by inserting the following subsection after subsection (2) of section 61:

            (2a) The lessor or the lessee under a retail shop lease (or an officer of an association referred to in section 60 acting at the request of a lessee) may call a meeting of the persons who are entitled to vote in a ballot to vote on a resolution approving different core trading hours for the purposes of subsection (1)(c).

Question put.

Committee divided (No 1):


              Ayes, 19


Mr Atkinson

Ms Bedford

Ms Breuer

Ms Ciccarello

Mr Conlon

Mr De Laine

Mr Foley

Mrs Geraghty

Mr Hanna

Mr Hill

Ms Key

Mr Koutsantonis

Ms Rankine

Mr Snelling

Ms Stevens

Ms Thompson

Ms White

Mr Wright

Mr Clarke (Teller)

        Noes, 23


Hon M K Brindal

Mr Brokenshire

Hon D C Brown

Hon R B Buckby

Mr Condous

Hon I F Evans

Hon G M Gunn

Hon J L Hall

Mr Hamilton-Smith

Hon G A Ingerson

Hon R G Kerin

Hon D C Kotz

Mr Lewis

Hon W A Matthew

Ms Maywald

Mr McEwen

Mr Meier

Hon J W Olsen

Hon J K G Oswald

Mr Scalzi

Hon R B Such

Mr Williams

Hon M H Armitage (Teller)


         So it passed in the negative.

                                                Title read.


         At midnight the Chairman of Committees left the Chair.


13      Adjournment

         At midnight the Speaker adjourned the House until tomorrow at 2.00 pm.






         For Wednesday 25 November 1998


Notice of Motion: Government Business


The Minister for Local Government to move – That he have leave to introduce a Bill for an Act to amend the Country Fires Act 1989, the Local Government Act 1934 and the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service Act 1936.


Notice of Motion: Standing Committee Reports


Mr Lewis to move – That the Eighty Second Report of the Public Works Committee on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Intensive Care Redevelopment be noted.




         Present during the day - All Members except Mrs Penfold.


         The following Pairs were handed in at the Table during the days proceedings:


         Division No 1 -

               Ayes - Ms Hurley and Hon M D Rann.

               Noes - Mrs Penfold and Hon D C Wotton.





                                                                                                            J K G Oswald



G D Mitchell