No 12














1       Meeting of House

         The House met pursuant to adjournment. The Speaker (Hon Peter Lewis) took the Chair and read prayers.


2       Petition No 12

         The Acting Clerk announced that the following Member had lodged a Petition for presentation:


      12    Hon D C Kotz, from 885 residents of South Australia, requesting that the House direct the Government to immediately remove the “No U-Turn” sign at the junction of Sylvan Crescent and Hancock Road, Fairview Park.


3       Suspension of Standing Orders

Minister for Government Enterprises (Hon P F Conlon), without notice, moved -

That for the remainder of the Session, Standing Orders be so far suspended as to provide that Private Members Business has precedence over all other business as follows;

(i) on Wednesdays for two hours after grievances – Bills, Motions with respect to Committees (including reports of Committees) and Motions for Disallowance of Regulations; and

(ii) on Thursdays from 10-30 am to 1 pm – Other Motions;

provided that –

(a) Notices of Motion take priority over Orders of the Day unless otherwise ordered; and

(b) if all business in (ii) is completed before 1 pm the sitting of the House is suspended until 2.00 pm:

and that Standing Orders be so far suspended as to allow Notices of Motion and Orders of the Day, Private Members Bills/Committees/Regulations for Thursday 6 June to be dealt with on Wednesday 5 June 2002.


Question put and passed, without a negative voice, there being present an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the House.


4       Matter of Privilege

Mr Hamilton-Smith raised, as a matter of privilege, the possible misleading of the House by the Minister for Science and Information Economy (Hon J D Lomax-Smith) in relation to answers given by the Minister to questions on Thursday 30 May requesting information concerning the proposed spending of a $10 million provision in the forward estimates previously allocated to the National Information Communication Technology Centre of Excellence.


Mr Hamilton-Smith advised that he had copies of Cabinet documents dated 10 and 14 January that approved an innovation funding package in the forward estimates of $40.5 million for two projects, being the Genomics Centre and the ICT Centre of Excellence.


The Minister for Science and Information Economy having sought leave, made a Ministerial statement relating to the matter.


The Speaker advised that he would consider the matter and report to the House.


5       Questions

Questions without notice were asked.


6       Grievance debate

         The Speaker proposed - That the House note grievances.

         Debate ensued.

         Question put and passed.


7       Matter of Privilege – Speaker’s Statement

The Speaker made a statement on the matter of privilege raised today, in which he required the Member for Waite to provide to him all of the Cabinet documents from which he had quoted and on which he relied in raising the matter.


8       Postponement of business

Ordered - That Notices of Motion: Government Business Nos 1 to 3 be postponed until tomorrow.


9       Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (South Australia) (Administrative Actions) Amendment Bill

         Order of the Day read for the second reading of this Bill.

         The Deputy Premier (Hon K O Foley) moved - That this Bill be now read a second time.

         Ordered, on motion of Mr Hamilton-Smith, that the debate be adjourned until tomorrow.


10      Education (Compulsory Education Age) Amendment Bill

Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the question - That this Bill be now read a second time.

Debate resumed.


11      Extension of time for adjournment

Ordered, on motion of the Minister for Tourism (Hon J D Lomax-Smith) - That the time for moving the adjournment of the House be extended beyond 5.40 pm.

Question put and passed.


12      Message from the Legislative Council

         The following Message from the Legislative Council was received and read:


         Seeds Act Repeal Bill                                                                             Message No 11

MR SPEAKER - The Legislative Council has passed the Bill transmitted herewith, titled an Act to repeal the Seeds Act 1979, to which it desires the concurrence of the House of Assembly.

         Legislative Council, 3 June 2002                                                     R R Roberts, PRESIDENT


         Bill read a first time.


Ordered on motion of the Minister for Education and Children’s Services (Hon P L White), that the second reading be made an Order of the Day for tomorrow.


13      Education (Compulsory Education Age) Amendment Bill

Debate (interrupted by the foregoing) resumed.

Ordered, on motion of Minister for Tourism, that the debate be further adjourned until tomorrow.


14      Adjournment

House adjourned at 6.00 pm until Tuesday at 2.00 pm.







Notice of Motion: Other Motion


            For Thursday 6 June 2002



Mr Hamilton-Smith to move – That this House congratulates the University of Adelaide on winning its bid to establish the $35 million National Centre for Plant Functional Genomics at the Waite Campus which will lead to significant benefits for Australia’s $8 billion grains industry and provide over 100 jobs in South Australia.






Present during the day - All Members.






                                                                                                                        Peter Lewis



David A Bridges