No 16














1       Meeting of House

The House met pursuant to adjournment.


2       Absence of Speaker

The Clerk informed the House of the absence of the Speaker.

Hon R B Such (Chairman of Committees) took the chair as Deputy Speaker.


3       Prayers

The Deputy Speaker read prayers.


4        Death of Hon G Bywaters

The Premier (Hon M D Rann), by leave, moved - That the House of Assembly expresses its deep regret at the death of Hon G Bywater, former Minister of the Crown and Member of the House of Assembly and places on record its appreciation of his long and meritorious service; and as a mark of respect to his memory, the sitting of the House be suspended until the ringing of the bells.

And being supported by the Leader of the Opposition (Hon R G Kerin), Attorney-General (Hon M J Atkinson), Minister for Environment and Conservation (Hon J D Hill), Minister for Administrative Services (Hon M J Wright), Mr Venning and the Deputy Speaker:

Motion carried in silence; Members rising in their places.


5       Suspension and resumption

At 2.27 pm the sitting of the House was suspended.

At 2.35 pm the Deputy Speaker resumed the Chair.


6       Petition No 27

         The Clerk announced that the following Member had lodged a Petition for presentation:


27   Mr Brokenshire, from 5 members of the South Australian Community, requesting the House to call on the Minister for Transport to make it a priority to review the 50 km/h speed zones.


7       Papers

         The Deputy Speaker laid on the Table the following report:


      City of Charles Sturt – Report 2003-2004.


         The following Paper was tabled:


By the Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education (Hon S W Key) –

      Construction Industry Training Fund Act 1993 – Section 38 Review - South Australian Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology Final Report - July 2004.



8       Questions

Questions without notice were asked.


9       Grievance debate

On motion of the Deputy Speaker, the House noted grievances.


10      Postponement of business

Ordered - That Order of the Day: Government Business No 1 be postponed and taken into consideration after Order of the Day: Government Business No 2.


11      Industrial Law Reform (Fair Work) Bill

Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the question - That this Bill be now read a second time.

Debate resumed.


12      Extension of time for adjournment

Ordered, on motion of the Minister for Education and Children’s Services (Hon J D Lomax-Smith), that the time for moving the adjournment of the House be extended beyond 10.00 pm.


13      Message from the Legislative Council

         The following Message from the Legislative Council was received and read:


Petroleum (Submerged Lands) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill          Message No 8

MR SPEAKER - The Legislative Council has passed the Bill transmitted herewith, titled an Act to amend the Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1982 and to make related amendments to the Off-shore Waters (Application of Laws) Act 1976, to which it desires the concurrence of the House of Assembly.

         Legislative Council, 8 November 2004                                             R R Roberts, PRESIDENT


         Bill read a first time.


         The Minister for Education and Children’s Services moved - That this Bill be now read a second time.

         Ordered, on motion of Hon I F Evans, that the debate be adjourned until tomorrow.


14      Industrial Law Reform (Fair Work) Bill

Debate (interrupted by the foregoing) resumed.

Ordered, on motion of Mr Meier, that the debate be further adjourned until tomorrow.


15      Adjournment

House adjourned at midnight until tomorrow at 2.00 pm.







Present during the day - All Members.






                                                                                                                        Peter Lewis



David A Bridges