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How Do I?

Schools Visiting Parliament House

You will need to:

  1. Contact your school’s local Member of Parliament

  1. The Electorate Office will need to know:
  • When you would like to visit but you will need to be flexible to accommodate the needs of the local Member of Parliament and their schedule as well as your own

  • Would you like sitting or non-sitting day?

Sitting Days:

You can not go on the floor of the House on a sitting day.

You can book to visit Question Time if you plan ahead.

Non-Sitting Days:

You can go on the floor of the Houses and sit in the seats in the House of Assembly e.g. Premiers seat etc and take photos

There are likely to be less groups visiting at the one time

When are sitting days?

 Parliament SA Sitting Calendar

On a Non-Sitting Day you can choose a suitable time for you and your local Member of Parliament.

  • How many students will be attending – remember maximum of 33?
  • How many supervisory adults will be attending?


  1. On the Day you Visit:

  • Enter Parliament House via the Centre Steps and Centre Hall
  • Security machines similar to the Airport are in operation at the entrance and students and adults will need to have all of their bags and personal items scanned – you may like to allow an extra

5 minutes to your arrival time for this process to occur.

  • Approach the reception desk. At the reception desk inform the staff member of your school name and the name of the Member of Parliament who is meeting with your group and they will contact them while you store the bags with your class. You will be issued with a key for storage of bags on the lower ground floor. You keep the key so that students’ bags are secure but still available if there are any emergency situations like needing an asthma inhaler. There are also public toilets available near the bag storage area.

  • You will be met by your local Member of Parliament in the Centre Hall area. Each student will receive brochures on the Parliamentary processes and the Parliamentary buildings.


  1. What will you see?

  • The House of Assembly Chamber
  • The Legislative Council Chamber
  • The Parliamentary Library if time permits


  1. Student Parliamentary Debate

  • On a Non-Sitting Day you may wish to perform a Parliamentary Style Debate which you have prepared during your visit. This may be negotiated with your local Member of Parliament or contact the Education Officer on 8237 9386 for further details.


  1. Resources on the South Australian Parliament