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Bill - Emergency Management (Electricity Supply Emergencies) Amendment
Bill Number - 189

Status - Assented
Introduced in the House of Assembly
Bill TitleEmergency Management (Electricity Supply Emergencies) AmendmentBill Number189
Introduced in theHouse of Assemblyon28/03/2017
PrecisThe Emergency Management (Electricity Supply Emergencies) Act is an essential component of the energy plan. It will ensure that, in times of electricity supply emergency, the Minister responsible for energy will be able to make directions to protect the needs of the South Australian community.
The Act will establish an efficient process for the declaration of an electricity supply emergency that gives a responsibility to the Minister which will allow the government to rapidly respond to scenarios as they emerge. It will also enable the Minister to refer matters regarding the electricity supply emergency to the Essential Services Commission of South Australia and the Technical Regulator for inquiry.
Exercising these powers will require the government to monitor conditions, to have information available to determine whether the electricity supply is insufficient or likely to become so, and have information to inform the issuance of directions.
An important feature of the Act is that it removes any doubts that may have arisen under the ESA that the minister may, in the context of an electricity supply emergency, issue specific directions to the Australian Energy Market Operator..

Procedural NotesIntroduced under suspension of Standing Orders
1st Reading Premier (Hon J W Weatherill)on28/03/2017
Second Reading Moved Premier (Hon J W Weatherill)on28/03/2017
2nd Reading Debates
28/03/2017Mr Picton
28/03/2017Mr Marshall
28/03/2017 Attorney-General (Hon J R Rau)
28/03/2017Mr van Holst Pellekaan
28/03/2017Hon P Caica
28/03/2017Mr Knoll
28/03/2017Mr Gee
28/03/2017Mr Williams
28/03/2017Ms Hildyard
28/03/2017Mr Bell
28/03/2017Minister for Recreation and Sport (Hon L W Bignell)
28/03/2017Ms Chapman
28/03/2017Minister for Disabilities (Hon L A Vlahos )
28/03/2017Mr Pederick
29/03/2017Mr Whetstone
29/03/2017Ms Wortley
29/03/2017Mr Wingard
29/03/2017Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion (Hon Z L Bettison)
29/03/2017Mr Pengilly
29/03/2017Mr Hughes
29/03/2017Mr Goldsworthy
29/03/2017Minister for Investment and Trade (Hon M L Hamilton-Smith)
29/03/2017Minister for Education and Child Development (Hon Close)
29/03/2017Minister for Transport and Infrastructure (Hon S C Mullighan)
29/03/2017Hon J M Rankine
29/03/2017Hon T R Kenyon
29/03/2017Hon T Piccolo
30/03/2017Ms Cook
30/03/2017Mr Treloar
30/03/2017Mr Odenwalder
30/03/2017Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy (Hon T Koutsantonis)
2nd Reading Date30/03/2017
Referred to Committee of the Whole on30/03/2017
DateConsideration OfClause Number/TitleOutcome
30/03/2017Clause(s)1Agreed to
30/03/2017Clause(s)2 and 3Agreed to
30/03/2017Clause(s)4Agreed to
30/03/2017Clause(s)5Agreed to
30/03/2017Clause(s)6Agreed to
30/03/2017Clause(s)7Agreed to
30/03/2017Clause(s)8Agreed to
30/03/2017Clause(s)9 to 11Agreed to
30/03/2017Title Agreed to
Third Reading MovedMinister for Mineral Resources and Energy (Hon T Koutsantonis)on30/03/2017
3rd Reading Debates
30/03/2017Mr van Holst Pellekaan
3rd Reading Date30/03/2017
Received in the Legislative Council
Bill TitleEmergency Management (Electricity Supply Emergencies) AmendmentBill Number191
Received in theLegislative Councilon11/04/2017
Second Reading MovedMinister for Employment (Hon K Maher (MLC))on11/04/2017
2nd Reading Debates
11/04/2017Hon M C Parnell (MLC)
11/04/2017Hon G E Gago (MLC)
11/04/2017Hon K L Vincent (MLC)
11/04/2017Hon R L Brokenshire (MLC)
11/04/2017Hon J M Gazzola (MLC)
11/04/2017Hon T T Ngo (MLC)
11/04/2017Hon J E Hanson (MLC)
11/04/2017Hon R I Lucas (MLC)
11/04/2017Hon D W Ridgway (MLC)
11/04/2017Minister for Employment (Hon K Maher (MLC))
2nd Reading Date11/04/2017
Adjourned byHon S G Wade (MLC)
Referred to Committee of the Whole on11/04/2017
DateConsideration OfClause Number/TitleOutcome
11/04/2017Clause(s)1Agreed to
11/04/2017Clause(s)2-11Agreed to
11/04/2017Title Agreed to
Third Reading MovedMinister for Employment (Hon K Maher (MLC))on11/04/2017
3rd Reading Date11/04/2017
12/04/2017Message from the Legislative Council - Returning without amendment
09/05/2017Message from the Govenor - Assent