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Council met pursuant to Proclamation published in the Government Gazette of 22 August 1996.

                 At twelve o’clock noon, the Clerk read the Proclamation, as under:


Proclamation By The Governor


                 (L.S.)         E. J. Neal


PURSUANT  to section 6(1) of the Constitution Act 1934 and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, I -


1.      Fix 12 noon on 1 October 1996 as the time for holding the Fourth Session of the Forty-Eighth Parliament.

2.      Declare that the place for holding the Parliament will be the building known as Parliament House at North Terrace, Adelaide.

3.      Summon the Parliament to meet for the despatch of business at the time and place stated above and require all honourable members of the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly and all officers of the Parliament to give their due attendance accordingly.


Given under my hand and the Public Seal of South Australia, at Adelaide, 22 August 1996.


                                                                                              By command,

                                                                                                              E. S. ASHENDEN, for Premier.


Meeting of



The Governor (Sir Eric Neal, A.C., C.V.O) having been announced by Black Rod, was received by the President at the Bar of the Council Chamber and by him conducted to the Chair:

                 His Excellency, having requested that Members take their seats, commanded Black Rod to let Members of the House of Assembly know he desired their attendance in the Legislative Council Chamber forthwith:

                 Who, being come with their Speaker:

                 His Excellency having requested the Members of the House of Assembly to be seated, was pleased to address both Houses, as follows:

        Honourable Members of the Legislative Council and Members of the House of Assembly

                 I have called you together for the dispatch of business.

        My Government has created a foundation of economic and financial reforms to public administration from which South Australians are now poised to reap the benefit.  These benefits have been targeted to meet the economic and the social priorities of my Government.  These priorities reflect the mainstream aspirations of South Australians—a quality of life which is second to none, with improving living standards achieved through sound administration of the State’s economy and international best practice in delivery of public services.




         In building upon these foundations my Government will maintain the reform momentum.  Legislation will be introduced into this Parliament which complements the many initiatives already undertaken by my Government since December 1993 both through this Parliament and through the Executive.

         This Legislative programme will build upon my Government’s aggressive agenda for private sector industry development and economic growth in South Australia.  It will recognise the ongoing need to create more jobs and complete the restructuring of our State’s economic base.  It will recognise that our State must tailor its delivery of public services to gain maximum value to the public and the economy.  My Government’s legislative programme also recognises the need to protect our citizens with a legal framework of legislation that provides personal and social security, promotes the principles of equity and fair dealing, creates incentives for flair and entrepreneurship and values our unique environment.



         Since you were last called together my Government has delivered a dramatic turnaround in the State’s finances which underpin our capacity to deliver the improved living standards and services required by our community.  It has done so without introducing new taxes or relying solely on asset sales.  It has done so by working more efficiently in the area of service delivery by the public sector.

         In delivering its three budgets my Government has moved from a $350 million underlying State Budget deficit to a position where over the next year, and with further careful management and a continuing commitment to debt and deficit reduction, we can forecast a real and sustainable State surplus.

         Our State finances are on track.  The 1995-96 underlying deficit in the non-commercial sector is $101 million.  This is $5 million less than forecast at Budget time.  My Government is ahead of its debt reduction targets.  Asset sales play a significant role in this strategy and the Asset Management Task Force, established in March 1994, is continuing its comprehensive program of divesting non-core public sector assets to reduce State debt.  The asset sales program has already achieved a total of $1.75 billion in sale proceeds, dramatically exceeding the Government’s original targets.

         My Government will continue with the policy of presenting its budget before the commencement of the financial year as this facilitates better financial planning by both the Government and the private sector.  To augment the emphasis on financial accountability, my Government will be including in the 1995-96 budget outcomes a whole of Government consolidated Statement of Financial Position as at 30 June 1996.

         Legislation will be introduced to strengthen the regulatory framework of the Tobacco Products Licensing Act and to minimise illicit tobacco trading.





         This State has much to offer in terms of resources, enterprise and expertise.  The irony is that, sometimes, it is easy to lose sight of just how successful we have been, and continue to be, in attracting new employment-creating industries and in making the most of our resources—physical and human.  Self confidence is itself a most valuable resource, and we should nurture it.

         My Government will continue to build upon the foundations of a stronger and more diverse economy which is creating more jobs for South Australians.  Our economic development priorities include:

•       developing export focussed and competitive South Australian enterprises which are responsive to changing international markets;

•       building an attractive business environment with a highly skilled workforce;

•       encouraging new investment;

•       improving productivity and encouraging innovation; and

•       improving infrastructure.

         The Premier’s recent trade mission to Europe and China has confirmed the competitiveness of South Australian industry on the international export market.  My Government’s commitment to developing the most competitive investment and business environment is now bearing fruit—from industry sectors traditional to our State to new and expanding industry sectors such as tourism, information technology, aquaculture, food and beverage processing, the arts, water management and export of technical services.

        My Government will continue to work co-operatively with the private sector in industrial expansion.  My Government will continue to foster the growth of information technology based industries as a key element in the broadening of our State’s industrial base. Importantly, my Government’s programme of economic reform targets regional and rural South Australia to share in the benefits of growth in jobs and wealth creation.



         In the area of mineral and energy exploration, my Government will be introducing legislation to facilitate the proposed expansion of the Olympic Dam gold, copper and uranium mine at Roxby Downs.  This $1.25 billion expansion by the private sector will directly and indirectly create up to 6,700 new jobs.  A special project team established by the Government has been working with the Western Mining Corporation on amendments to legislation and the indenture agreement to be introduced this session.

         An essential element in improving South Australia’s economy is the responsible development of our mineral resources.  Mining provides substantial employment opportunities, export earnings, royalties and infrastructure for the State.  The cost of mineral exploration is estimated to reach $35 million over the next year—a 300% increase in five years.  In the light of the State’s tremendous mineral wealth South Australians should feel confident about their future.

         The strengthening of our primary industries by Government, industry and the community working in partnership to develop opportunities for sustainable growth continues to be central to the economic development objectives of my Government over the next year.

         The establishment of Industry Development Boards for the rural industry sectors will assist my Government to better manage rural resources and to apply them most effectively for industry development.  These boards will cover industry sectors such as wool, horticulture, field crops, meat and seafoods.

         My Government will consolidate its strategy to revitalise rural Eyre Peninsula.  The jointly funded $11 million State and Commonwealth project will assist farming enterprises to adjust, to help introduce new skills into farming and to tackle land degradation issues.

         Strategies will also be continued to enable our beef, sheep, dairy, forestry and aquaculture industries to obtain maximum value on the national and international export markets.

         My Government will introduce amendments to livestock legislation designed to rationalise and amalgamate nine Acts applying to the livestock industries, and take other measures to promote industry development.

         My Government is creating an export focussed water industry in South Australia which is internationally competitive, innovative and export oriented.  This will mean that three of the four leading global water companies will be operating in Adelaide and exporting world-competitive South Australian products and expertise to Asia.

         My Government will be introducing legislation to enhance the efficiency of the MFP and consolidate a structure which can best achieve the economic gains for South Australia from the potential of this project.

         My Government will also strengthen its commitment to the cost competitiveness of our local industry.  Our industrial relations reforms in South Australia have led to productivity growth and workplace bargaining within a framework of low levels of industrial disputes.  My Government will also continue the recovery of the State’s workers compensation scheme and achieve nationally competitive WorkCover levy rates over the next year.  Reforms will also be made to long service leave laws by introducing legislative amendments designed to create greater workplace flexibility.

         My Government recognises that specific attention must continue to be given to the welfare of small business and job creation in that sector.  The Small Business Advisory Council and the Regulation Reform Advisory Council established by my Government will continue their work in clearing obstacles preventing small business from achieving their maximum potential growth and investment.

         As a further measure to assist small business, promote equity in commercial dealings and ensure South Australia continues as an attractive place to invest, my Government will introduce legislation to amend the Retail Shop Leases Act following its consideration of recommendations of the Joint Committee of this Parliament on retail shop tenancies.

         My Government’s active support for the film industry through the South Australian Film Corporation is returning handsome economic dividends to the State and renewed confidence throughout the local film industry.





         My Government’s economic development and industry policies are aimed at employment growth and new employment opportunities.

         As the South Australian economy continues to restructure through this reform process my Government will continue to promote labour market programmes and youth initiatives which provide real opportunities for skill development and career advancement.  Further new employment and training pilot programs will be introduced, including programs for the mature aged unemployed.

         My Government is also improving the skills base of the existing workforce to help our industry become more competitive and productive.  My Government will introduce the Modern Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship System in South Australia and continue the Upskill SA programme, with the view to increasing apprentice and trainee numbers, and making training more relevant and useful.

         My Government will also continue to improve the services delivered through our training and further education institutions via capital and infrastructure projects and productivity and information technology initiatives.  Consultation with youth will be expanded through the convening of Youth Forums.





         My Government’s programme of infrastructure renewal and extension will be accelerated over the coming year.

         The upgrading and leasing of Adelaide International Airport is a primary infrastructure objective.  Current facilities are limiting growth in exports and tourism and inadequate air transport facilities are viewed by investors as a competitive disadvantage.

         My Government has succeeded in obtaining a contribution of funds from the Commonwealth for planned runway extensions with work commencing this year.  My Government predicts the runway extension will inject $225 million into the State economy over the next 10 years through increased exports.  Concurrently, the State will proceed in the coming year to upgrade passenger terminal facilities at the Adelaide Airport.  In conjunction with key stakeholders and potential airport investors my Government is determined that our airport will enhance our State’s national and international profile and our economic development objectives.

         My Government also continues to promote the $1 billion Darwin-Alice Springs Railway project, and over the next year will continue to actively work with the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments, and the private sector, on what is an essential national infrastructure project as we approach the next century.

         In the area of road infrastructure my Government has been successful in initiating approvals for the construction of major roadwork projects.  Three major contracts on the Darlington to Reynella section of the Southern Expressway will commence in October of this year.  Off-airport works are continuing, including the Tapley’s Hill Road deviation to enable the extension of the runway at Adelaide Airport.  Construction work has commenced on a new bridge crossing the River Murray at Berri and design work is progressing on a replacement bridge at Blanchetown.

         My Government has also succeeded in obtaining $19 million funding assistance from the Commonwealth this financial year for the Mount Barker Road project.  Preliminary work has already started between Glen Osmond and Crafers, with contracts for the tunnels to be called early in 1997.  As part of my Government’s commitment of $12.8 million over 3 years to save our jetties, the Department of Transport has commenced negotiations with Councils to upgrade the State’s 47 jetties.

         My Government will proceed to implement a long term contract with the private sector for the provision and operation of water treatment plants to filter the water supplies in regional areas.  Construction will also commence on a wastewater treatment plant at Aldinga, with recycled water used for irrigation in the Willunga Basin.

         Through SA Water, my Government has committed a total of $74.1 million for expenditure in 1996-97 on a range of projects to improve the State’s water supply, wastewater and irrigation systems.  My Government will introduce legislation to amend the Irrigation Act to ensure the smooth transition of irrigation areas from Government control to private management.

         Over the next year my Government will also continue the reform of ETSA and the electricity supply industry within South Australia in preparation for South Australia’s entry into the national electricity market.



         My Government has targeted tourism infrastructure as a key element in the growth of this export earning and labour intensive industry sector.  The development of the National Wine Centre in Adelaide and the upgrading and further development of Wirrina Cove resort and marina will give South Australia a strong international profile.  Tourism infrastructure projects already under development in regional South Australia will proceed to completion.  These initiatives will complement the targeted international marketing of South Australia as a tourism destination.

         Legislation will be introduced creating a new structure which brings together my Government’s administration of tourism, recreation and sport.

         The construction of new facilities for soccer, athletics and netball will proceed in partnership with these sports.

         My Government’s commitment to upgrade the State’s cultural institutions along North Terrace and the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust represents a major investment in revitalising the business and cultural heart of Adelaide.





         My Government will ensure there is a new emphasis on vocational education and training opportunities in our schools.  Legislation will be introduced to facilitate the new joint development with TAFE at Urrbrae Agricultural College.

         Significant additional resources have been provided to introduce computer and information technology into school classrooms and to connect the education system to the wider world using high speed telecommunications networks.  Additional resources will continue to be provided to students under the Early Years Strategy to improve learning for students with learning difficulties.  The Basic Skills Tests continue to operate with increased participation and overwhelming public support.  Future national literacy surveys will be tailored to allow state by state comparisons.  These measures mean that for the first time in over 20 years information on student achievements in the compulsory years of schooling will have been collected.

         My Government will also be releasing a package of materials to assist the teaching focus on Aboriginal issues as part of building stronger links within our society between our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures.

         Support for the educational needs of gifted and talented students will be enhanced as our education system strives for best practice outcomes and excellence in teaching and learning.





         The delivery of health services responsive to community needs and within the efficiency objectives of the Government are central priorities.

         Over the 1996-97 year the seven newly incorporated Regional Health Service Boards will be in operation and will become the driving force for the co-ordination and development of health services in each region, with a closer association to local communities which the health system serves.

         My Government’s reform initiatives in mental health are designed to produce more effective and targeted treatment within the community.  During this year $1.8 million additional funds will be made available for improved country mental health services.  A newly formed rural health training unit will operate as an integral component in this new model in the provision of mental health services.

         In the Adelaide metropolitan area health services will be enhanced by the operation of the Southern Regional Health Service, an initiative of the four major health service providers in the Southern region.

         Specific initiatives and health care targets will be pursued over the next year in the area of Aboriginal health services following agreements between my Government and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission and the Commonwealth in July 1996.

         Information technology has a major part to play in the health sector.  A major information technology project will be developed within teaching hospitals.  The system has been designed specifically to improve the quality of care and also lead to long term savings.

         In conjunction with the private sector, my Government will proceed with initiatives to construct new and improved health care facilities at Mt Gambier, Port Augusta and the Flinders Medical Centre.

         Funding of approximately $3m will be available to primary health care projects and initiatives in the 1996-97 financial year.  A significant proportion of these funds has been allocated to projects and initiatives aimed at improving continuity of care and Aboriginal primary health care.



         My Government will be introducing amendments to the Food Act, the Nurses Act and the Medical Practitioners Act as part of its continuing programme of legislative reform in the public health and health care sectors.



         My Government will continue its programme of structural reform to local government in South Australia.

         The reinvigoration of the Adelaide city centre is a high priority of my Government.  My Government is determined to deliver a new structure for the governance of Adelaide which will breathe new life and vitality into our capital city centre.  Legislation will be introduced which will replace the Adelaide City Council with three Commissioners, pending elections for a restructured Council.  This legislation will complement the establishment of the Adelaide Partnership as a co-ordinated marketing and promotional body for the City of Adelaide.

         The local government boundary reform process will accelerate as councils move to develop and finalise amalgamation options.

         Legislation will also be introduced which increases the effectiveness of laws governing the conduct of local government elections and meetings.  In addition, a full review of the local government legislation is proceeding and further legislative reform will be made prior to the 1997 local council elections.

         Amendments to the State’s development laws designed to provide greater certainty in the development process will be brought into effect.  Amendments relating to private certification of certain development approvals will also be progressed.





         Securing the future for South Australia goes beyond economic reforms.  My Government will continue its programme of crime prevention, community protection and personal and public safety.

         My Government has taken a leading role in the fundamental reform of firearms laws in South Australia following the tragic events in Port Arthur in April and subsequent resolutions of Commonwealth and State Police Ministers.  These reforms will continue to be effectively administered by my Government over the next year.

         The Government’s process of reform of the police service will continue with the introduction of significant changes to the Police Act and regulations in the area of appointments, promotions, performance management and disciplinary procedures.  A Bill to amend the Police (Complaints and Disciplinary Proceedings) Act will also be introduced.

         My Government will introduce amendments to criminal assets confiscation laws and legislative amendments to define the rights of legal assistance to indigent defendants charged with serious offences.

         My Government will respond to concerns about the traffic of stolen goods in the community and introduce legislation to improve standards in the pawnbroking and second-hand dealing industries.

         Over the next year my Government will continue its reform of our State’s correctional and emergency services which have seen more efficiencies delivered to the community.

         Amendments to the Young Offenders Act will be brought into operation which implement an upgraded system of home detention for selected young offenders.





         My Government’s programmes for industry and economic development are based upon a fundamental respect for and recognition of our unique environment.

         South Australia has led the way in the national programme endorsed by the Commonwealth for the remediation of the Murray-Darling Basin.

         A new Water Resources Bill will be introduced for debate in this session of Parliament.  The Bill is the result of a comprehensive review of the Water Resources Act undertaken in recognition of the critical importance of water resources to the sustainable development of South Australia.

         My Government will continue its programme of capital works projects which are upgrading our national parks, and which contribute to our State’s ecotourism development.





         My Government will continue its initiatives designed to promote opportunities to enhance awareness of the role and needs of women in society, in regional areas and in the workforce.  A Statement on Programmes for Women will be tabled by my Government later this month.



         My Government’s priority in the provision of community services to families and the ageing in South Australia will continue over the next year.  In conjunction with the Council of Australian Governments the State will enhance its role and responsibilities in the provision of aged care.

         Initiatives announced by the Premier earlier this year as part of a 10 point policy plan for the ageing will be pursued.  These initiatives include improved planning and co-ordination in aged care services, paying special attention to the needs of disadvantaged groups in our society.  The Advisory Board on the Ageing, chaired by former Governor Dame Roma Mitchell, will have a central role in the implementation of these initiatives.

         This session will also see the Charitable and Social Welfare Fund commence operation which will provide a new funding source supporting the ongoing work of charities, social welfare organisations and volunteers in the community sector.

         In addition, my Government has reviewed the operation of the Adoption Act and legislative amendments following that review will be introduced during this session.



         My Government is concerned to take further measures which will improve road safety and focus upon responsible driver practices.  Amendments will be introduced to motor vehicle and road traffic legislation designed to address these issues, including matters relating to the points demerit scheme.

         Legislation, part of a national scheme, will also be introduced covering the use of drugs in sport.  My Government will also, during the current session of Parliament, be introducing significant changes to the Racing Act to enable sports betting to be expanded both with bookmakers and the TAB.

         My Government will introduce a State Records Bill  to provide for the preservation and management of official records in South Australia, and also make amendments to the Freedom of Information legislation to enhance its efficiency.

         Amendments will also be introduced to the Electoral Act introducing a series of amendments recommended by the Electoral Commissioner and other measures to improve the operation of the legislation.

         Amendments will also be introduced to require additional safety measures associated with swimming pools in South Australia.





         Since you were last called together, the Parliament has recorded the death of Mr. Kenneth Lance Milne, a former long serving member of the Legislative Council.  I know that honourable members will join with me in expressing sympathy to the family and friends of this past member.

                 I now declare this session open and trust that your deliberations will be guided by Divine Providence to the advancement of the welfare of the people of this State.

                                                                                                                             Eric Neal, Governor.

        Parliament House,


        1 October 1996.

                 His Excellency retired from the Chamber.

                 The Members of the House of Assembly withdrew.




The President read prayers.




At fifteen minutes to one o’clock the sitting was suspended until the ringing of the bells.

                 At thirty minutes past two o’clock the sitting was resumed.


Suspension and

Resumption of





The President laid on the Table the Report of the Statutory Authorities Review Committee on a Survey of South Australian Statutory Authorities, which was authorised to be printed and published pursuant to section 17(7)(b)  of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991.









The President laid on the Table the Report of the Social Development Committee on an Inquiry into Prostitution which was authorised to be printed and published pursuant to section 17(7)(b)  of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991.








The following Papers were laid upon the Table, viz.:

        By the President -

                 Report of Parliamentary Superannuation Scheme, 1995-96.

                 Report of Auditor-General and Treasurer’s Financial Statements, 1995-96 - Parts A and B.

                 Register of Members’ Interests - June 1996 - Registrar’s Statement.

                          Ordered - That the Statement be printed (Paper No. 134).

                 Members Travel Expenditure, 1995-96, pursuant to Members of Parliament Travel Entitlement Rules 1983.

        By the Minister for Education and Children’s Services (The Hon. R. I. Lucas) -

                 Budget Results, 1995-96.

                 Friendly Societies Act 1919 - General Laws - Confirmation Pursuant to Section 10 of the Act.

                 Reports, 1995-96 -

                          Auditor-General’s Department Independent Audit.

                          Department of Treasury and Finance.

                          Gaming Supervisory Authority.

                          Lotteries Commission of South Australia.

                          Mines and Energy South Australia.

                          Motor Accident Commission.

                          Police Superannuation Board.

                          South Australian Asset Management Task Force.

                          South Australian Commissioner of Police.

                          South Australian Gaming Machines Act 1992 - Liquor Licensing Commissioner.

                          South Australian Government Captive Insurance Corporation.

                          South Australian Government Financing Authority.

                          South Australian Superannuation Board.

                          Superannuation Funds Management Corporation of South Australia.

                 Response to Statutory Authority Review Committee’s Second Interim Report on Review of the Electricity Trust of SA.

                 South Australia Commissioner of Police - Statistical Review 1995-96 Financial Year.

                 Premier’s Report to Parliament on Planning Strategy Implementation, 1995-96.



                 Regulations under the following Acts -

                          Education Act 1972 -

                                   Suspension and Expulsion of Students.

                                   Teachers’ Registration.

                           Firearms Act 1977 -


                                   Variations - General.

                          Mines and Works Inspection Act 1920 - Principal.

                          Mining Act 1971 -

                                   Precious Stones.


                          Petroleum Act 1940 - Revocations and Variations.

                          Sewerage Act 1929 - Principal.

                          Waterworks Act 1932 - Principal.



        By the Attorney-General (The Hon. K. T. Griffin) -

                 Advisory Board of Agriculture - Report, 1995-96.

                 Freedom of Information Act 1991 - Report, 1994-95.

                 South Australian Timber Corporation and Controlled Entities - Financial Statements and Reports, 1995-96.

                 Evidence Act 1929 - South Australian Report of the Attorney-General relating to Suppression Orders for the year ended 30 June 1996.

                 South Australian Government White Paper Consolidation of Legislation relating to Livestock Health, Animal Identification and Compensation, September 1996.

                 Summary Offences Act 1953 -

                          Return as per section 74b - Road Block Establishment Authorisations.

                          Return as per section 83b - Dangerous Area Declarations.



                 Regulations under the following Acts -

                          Agricultural Chemicals Act 1955 - Principal.

                          Apiaries Act 1931 - Registration as Beekeeper.

                          Co-operatives Act 1983 - Principal.

                          Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 - Medical Termination of Pregnancy.

                          Explosives Act 1936 - Principal.

                          Fisheries Act 1982 - Constitution of Fisheries.

                          Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986 - Petroleum and Mining Work.

                          Poultry Meat Industry Act 1969 - Principal.

                          Recreation Grounds (Regulations) Act 1931 - Principal.

                          Stock Foods Act 1941 - Principal.

                          Subordinate Legislation Act 1978 - Postponement of Expiry.

                          Trustee Act 1936 - Principal.

                          Young Offenders Act 1993 - Detention of Youths.

                 Racing Act 1976 - Rules - Harness Racing Board -

                          Carbon Dioxide Level.

                          Swish Whip.

                 Rules of Court -

                          District Court Act 1992 - District Court Rules - Appeals - Residential Tenancies.

        By the Minister for Consumer Affairs (The Hon. K. T. Griffin) -

                 Regulations under the following Acts -

                          Consumer Credit Act 1972 - Principal.

                          Consumer Transactions Act 1972 - Principal.

                          Liquor Licensing Act 1985 -

                                   Controls on Consumption and Possession.

                                   Dry Areas -

                                            Port Lincoln.

                                            Tumby Bay.

                                            Victor Harbor.

                          Retail Shop Leases Act 1995 - Landlord and Tenant.

        By the Minister for Transport (The Hon. D. V. Laidlaw) -

                 Reports, 1995-96.

                          Border Groundwater Agreement Review Committee.

                          ETSA Corporation.

                          Wilderness Protection Act - South Australia.



                 District Council of Mallala Waste Disposal Policies Plan Amendment Report - Report on the Interim Operation.

                 ETSA Corporation Charter for the 1996-97 financial year.

                 Crown Development Report by the Development Assessment Commission -Proposal by Services SA for the Redevelopment of the Belair Primary School.

                 Regulations under the following Acts -

                          Crown Lands Act 1929 - Principal.

                          Dentists Act 1984 - Qualifications.

                          Development - Port Adelaide Enfield - Case Metals Zone.

                          Environment Protection Act 1993 - Waste Depot Levy.

                          Local Government Act 1934 -

                                   Expiation Fee - Post Box.

                                   Parking near Post Box.

                          Medical Practitioners Act 1983 - Fees.

                          National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 - Hunting.

                          Optometrists Act 1920 - Principal.

                          Passenger Transport Act 1994 -

                                   Regular Passenger Service - Exclusions.


                          Psychological Practices Act 1973 -



                          Public and Environmental Health Act 1987 - Notifiable Diseases.

                          Road Traffic Act 1961 - Principal.

                          South Australian Health Commission Act 1976 - Interpretation - Various.

                          South Australian Housing Trust Act 1936 - Water Rates.

                          Summary Offences Act 1953 - Method of Referring to Offences.



                 District Council By-laws -

                          Strathalbyn -

                                   No.    2   -   Repeal and Renumbering of By-laws.

                                   No.    3   -   Streets and Public Places.

                                   No.    4   -   Street Traders.

                                   No.    6   -   Garbage Removal.

                                   No.    7   -   Height of Fences near Intersections.

                                   No.    8   -   Parklands.

                                   No.  10   -   Caravans, Tents and Camping.

                                   No.  11   -   Animals, Birds and Poultry.

                                   No.  12   -   Bees.

                                   No.  13   -   Nuisances.

                                   No.  14   -   Vehicles.

                                   No.  15   -   Dogs.

                                   No.  16   -   Cemeteries.

                                   No.  17   -   Inflammable Undergrowth.

                          Yankalilla -

                                   No.    1   -   Permits and Penalties.

                                   No.    2   -   Repeal and Renumbering of By-laws.

                                   No.    3   -   Streets and Public Places.

                                   No.    4   -   Street Traders.

                                   No.    5   -   Moveable Signs.

                                   No.    6   -   Garbage Removal.

                                   No.    7   -   Heights of Fences near Intersections.

                                   No.    8   -   Park Lands.

                                   No.    9   -   Caravans, Tents and Camping.

                                   No.  10   -   Animals, Birds and Poultry.

                                   No.  11   -   Bees.

                                   No.  12   -   Vehicles Kept or Let for Hire.

                                   No.  14   -   Cemeteries.

                                   No.  15   -   Foreshore.




The Minister for Education and Children’s Services (The Hon. R. I. Lucas) tabled a copy of a Ministerial Statement made by the Treasurer (The Hon. S. J. Baker, M.P.) concerning Superannuation.





The Minister for Education and Children’s Services tabled a copy of a Ministerial Statement made by the Treasurer (The Hon. S. J. Baker, M.P.) concerning the impact of the Commonwealth Budget on South Australian Government Finances.





The Minister for Education and Children’s Services tabled a copy of a Ministerial Statement made by the Treasurer (The Hon. S. J. Baker, M.P.) concerning the Future of the ASER Complex.





The Minister for Education and Children’s Services tabled a copy of a Ministerial Statement made by the Treasurer (The Hon. S. J. Baker, M.P.) concerning the 1995-96 Budget Results.





The Attorney-General (The Hon. K. T. Griffin) tabled a copy of a Ministerial Statement made by the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing (The Hon. G. A. Ingerson, M.P.) concerning South Australia’s Bid for the 2006 Commonwealth Games.





The Minister for Transport (The Hon D. V. Laidlaw) tabled a copy of a Ministerial Statement made by the Minister for Health (The Hon. M. H. Armitage, M.P.) concerning an Outbreak of Listeriosis.





The Hon. L. H. Davis tabled the Report of the Statutory Authorities Review Committee, 1995-96.





The Minister for Education and Children’s Services, by leave, moved - That for the remainder of the Session, the Standing Orders be so far suspended as to provide that at the conclusion of the period for Questions without Notice, on Wednesdays, Members may make statements on a matter of interest.  Up to seven Members may speak for a maximum of five minutes each.  The President may order the Member to resume his or her seat if, in the opinion of the President, the Member infringes Standing Orders governing the rules of debate.

                 Question put and passed, without a dissentient voice, there being present an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the Council.



of Standing

Orders -

Matters of



The Minister for Education and Children’s Services, by leave, moved - That the Members of this Council appointed to the Joint Committee on South Australia’s Living Resources have power to act on the Joint Committee during the present Session.

                 Question put and passed.


Joint Committee


South Australia’s Living Resources.



The Minister for Education and Children’s Services, by leave, moved - That the Select Committee on Contracting out of State Government Information Technology have power to sit during the present session, and that the time for bringing up the Report be extended until Wednesday, 27 November 1996.

                 Question put and passed.


Select Committee

on Contracting

out of State





The Minister for Education and Children’s Services, by leave, moved - That the Select Committee on Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education in South Australia have power to sit during the present session, and that the time for bringing up the Report be extended until Wednesday, 27 November 1996.

                 Question put and passed.


Select Committee

on Pre-School,

Primary and


Education in




The Hon. B.S.L. Pfitzner, by leave, moved - That the Select Committee on the Proposed Privatisation of Modbury Hospital have power to sit during the present session, and that the time for bringing up the Report be extended until Wednesday, 27 November 1996.

                 Question put and passed.


Select Committee

on the

Proposed Privatisation of Modbury



The Hon. L. H. Davis, by leave, moved - That the Select Committee on Outsourcing Functions undertaken by E&WS Department have power to sit during the present session, and that the time for bringing up the Report be extended until Wednesday, 27 November 1996.

                 Question put and passed.


Select Committee

on Outsourcing Functions undertaken by E&WS Department.


The Hon. J. C. Irwin, by leave, moved - That the Select Committee on Tendering Process and Contractual Arrangements for the Operation of the New Mount Gambier Prison have power to sit during the present session, and that the time for bringing up the Report be extended until Wednesday, 27 November 1996.

                 Question put and passed.


Select Committee

on Tendering Process and Contractual Arrangements for

the Operation of

the New Mount Gambier Prison.


The Minister for Transport, by leave, moved - That the Select Committee on the Proposed Sale of Land at Carrick Hill have power to sit during the present session, and that the time for bringing up the Report be extended until Wednesday, 27 November 1996.

                 Question put and passed.


Select Committee

on the Proposed

Sale of Land at

Carrick Hill.


The Minister for Education and Children’s Services moved - That a Standing Orders Committee be appointed consisting of the President, the Hon. K. T. Griffin, the Hon. C. A. Pickles, the Hon. G. Weatherill and the mover.

                 Question put and passed.


Standing Orders



Ordered - That for this Session a Library Committee not be appointed.





The Minister for Education and Children’s Services moved - That a Printing Committee be appointed consisting of the Hon. J. C. Irwin, the Hon. P. Nocella, the Hon. B.S.L. Pfitzner, the Hon. A. J. Redford and the Hon. T. G. Roberts.

                 Question put and passed.





The President having laid on the Table a copy of the Opening Speech by the Governor:

                 The Minister for Education and Children’s Services moved - That a Committee consisting of the Hon. L. H. Davis, the Hon. P. Holloway, the Hon. J. C. Irwin, the Hon. R. R. Roberts and the Mover, be appointed to prepare a Draft Address in Reply to the Speech delivered this day by His Excellency the Governor and to report on the next day of sitting.

                 Question put and passed.


Draft Address

in Reply.


Council adjourned at twenty minutes past four o'clock until tomorrow at fifteen minutes past two o’clock.










Members present during any part of the sitting:




The Hon. T. G. Cameron

The Hon. T. Crothers

The Hon. L. H. Davis

The Hon. M. J. Elliott

The Hon. K. T. Griffin

The Hon. P. Holloway

The Hon. J. C. Irwin

The Hon. S. M. Kanck

The Hon. D. V. Laidlaw

The Hon. R. D. Lawson

The Hon. J.A.W. Levy

The Hon. R. I. Lucas

The Hon. P. Nocella

The Hon. B.S.L. Pfitzner

The Hon. C. A. Pickles

The Hon. A. J. Redford

The Hon. R. R. Roberts

The Hon. T. G. Roberts

The Hon. C. V. Schaefer

The Hon. J. F. Stefani

The Hon. G. Weatherill