No. 27

















Council met pursuant to adjournment.  The President (The Hon. J. C. Irwin) took the Chair.

                 The President read prayers.


Meeting of



Ordered - That Order of the Day (Government Business) No. 1 be an Order of the Day for next day of sitting.



of Business.



On the Order of the Day being read for the adjourned debate on the motion of the Minister for Transport and Urban Planning -

         I.      That in the opinion of this Council, a Joint Committee be appointed to inquire into and report upon all matters relating to transport safety in the State;

        II.      That in the event of the Joint Committee being appointed, the Legislative Council be represented thereon by three Members, of whom two shall form a quorum of Council Members necessary to be present at all sittings of the Committee;

       III.      That Joint Standing Order No. 6 be so far suspended as to entitle the Chairman to vote on every question, but when the votes are equal the Chairman shall have also a casting vote; and

       IV.      That a Message be sent to the House of Assembly transmitting the foregoing Resolution and requesting its concurrence thereto:

                  To which the Hon. C. A. Pickles has moved to amend by leaving out Paragraph III:

                  Debate resumed.

                  On motion of the Hon. P. Holloway, the debate was adjourned until next day of sitting.


Joint Committee

on Transport

Safety -

Motion re.


Ordered - That Orders of the Day (Government Business) No. 3 to No. 8 be Orders of the Day for next day of sitting.



of Business.



The Hon. J.S.L. Dawkins, pursuant to notice, moved - That the Report of the Environment, Resources and Development Committee on Aquaculture be noted.

                Debate ensued.

                The Hon. P. Holloway, by leave, tabled a collection of documents concerning various matters relating to fisheries in South Australia, together with a schedule which identifies the documents numbered 1 to 144.

                 On motion of the Hon. T. Crothers, the debate was adjourned until Wednesday next.


Environment, Resources and Development Committee -

Report on Aquaculture

to be noted -

Motion re.

Papers Tabled.



The following Message from the House of Assembly was received and read:

Message No. 74

                 MR. PRESIDENT - The House of Assembly has passed the Bill transmitted herewith, entitled an Act to amend the Criminal Law (Sentencing) Act 1988, to which it desires the concurrence of the Legislative Council.

House of Assembly, 2 July 1998.                                                                           J.K.G. OSWALD, Speaker.

                 Bill read a first time.

                 Ordered - That the second reading be an Order of the Day for Wednesday next.


Message from

House of


Criminal Law (Sentencing)

(Victim Impact






Council adjourned at twenty two minutes past four o’clock until Tuesday next, at fifteen minutes past two o’clock.










Members present during any part of the sitting:




The Hon. T. G. Cameron

The Hon. T. Crothers

The Hon. L. H. Davis

The Hon. J.S.L. Dawkins

The Hon. M. J. Elliott

The Hon. I. Gilfillan

The Hon. K. T. Griffin


The Hon. P. Holloway

The Hon. S. M. Kanck

The Hon. D. V. Laidlaw

The Hon. R. D. Lawson

The Hon. R. I. Lucas

The Hon. C. A. Pickles

The Hon. A. J. Redford


The Hon. R. R. Roberts

The Hon. T. G. Roberts

The Hon. J. F. Stefani

The Hon. G. Weatherill

The Hon. N. Xenophon

The Hon. C. Zollo