No. 1

















TUESDAY  7  MAY  2002





Council met pursuant to Proclamation published in the Government Gazette of 5 March 2002.

                 At twelve o’clock noon, the Clerk read the Proclamation, as under:


Proclamation By The Governor


                 (L.S.)         Marjorie Jackson-Nelson


PURSUANT  to section 6(1) of the Constitution Act 1934 and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, I -


(a)     fix 12.00 noon on 7 May 2002, as the time for holding the second session of the Fiftieth Parliament; and

(b)     declare that the place for holding the Parliament will be the building known as Parliament House at North Terrace, in the City of Adelaide; and

(c)     summon the Parliament to meet for the despatch of business at the time and place stated above and require all honourable members of the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly and all officers of the Parliament to give their due attendance accordingly.


Given under my hand and the Public Seal of South Australia, at Adelaide, 5 March 2002.


                                                                                              By command,

                                                                                                              MIKE RANN, Premier.


Meeting of


The Governor (Mrs. Marjorie Jackson-Nelson, A.C., C.V.O., M.B.E.) having been announced by Black Rod, was received by the President at the Bar of the Council Chamber and by him conducted to the Chair.

                 Her Excellency, having requested that Members take their seats, commanded Black Rod to let Members of the House of Assembly know she desired their attendance in the Legislative Council Chamber forthwith:

                 Who, being come with their Speaker:

                 Her Excellency having requested the Members of the House of Assembly to be seated, was pleased to address both Houses, as follows:

        Honourable Members of the Legislative Council and Members of the House of Assembly

        I have called you together for the dispatch of business.



         I would like to thank Mr Lewis O’Brien and Mrs Doris Graham, elders of the Kaurna people, for their welcome onto this land today.  I understand this is the first time a South Australian Parliament has been welcomed in this way.

         I am also pleased to have taken the salute of the Australian Federation Guard which includes one hundred young men and women representing the three armed forces.  The Guard was formed for the Centenary of Federation.

         It is with sadness that I note the passing of the Queen Mother on 30 March this year.  She was a remarkable woman whose courage and strength inspired generations.  On behalf of all South Australians I convey our deepest sympathy to Her Majesty the Queen and her family.

         My Government has a new vision for our State.  It wants to be an inclusive Government and wants to see South Australia as a place where the doors of opportunity are open for all.  It wants South Australia to be a place free of national nuclear waste dumps, a place with a healthy and vital River Murray flowing to the sea and where our children have the best encouragement and opportunities to do their best in the classroom and then later in life.  It believes South Australians want better hospitals, and they want more real jobs, so the community can look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future.

         My Government believes that South Australians want honesty and accountability from their elected representatives, and in the way in which Governments spend their money.  The Government has already undertaken some new initiatives to improve our economy.

         A new Economic Development Board is in place and it has already played a vital role in helping my Government secure the future of Mitsubishi in South Australia.  A joint Commonwealth State agreement will see Mitsubishi expand its long term manufacturing base in this State, which is expected to provide security for workers and for our economy.

         The Government has taken a major step forward to improve the health of the River Murray.  It has forged a new partnership with the Victorian Government to increase the level of co-operation between the two States to help restore the health of the River.

         The Government has already established the new Social Inclusion Initiative to address key social problems and help improve life for families in South Australia.

         During the course of this Fiftieth Parliament my Government will introduce a range of innovative legislative and policy initiatives.  A number of important pieces of legislation will be introduced this week and in this session.

         My Government is committed to honesty and accountability in government, and will introduce a number of legislative amendments to be known as the Honesty and Accountability in Government series of Acts.  The Government hopes that by setting high standards and meeting them it will contribute to a renewed public confidence in government.  The first in this series of Bills will be introduced this week.

         Amendments to the Public Finance and Audit Act will require the preparation of a Charter of Budget Honesty.  The objective of the Charter of Budget Honesty is to improve the transparency of the Government’s financial management, in order to improve the accountability of the Government to both the public and the Parliament.

         The Government will also amend the Public Finance and Audit Act to increase the independence and powers of the Auditor General and to increase disclosure by government departments.

         Amendments to the Ombudsman Act will also be introduced to extend the role of the Ombudsman.

         This week will also see the introduction of amendments to the Public Sector Management Act.  Under those amendments, all  public sector employees, including Chief Executives and Ministerial Advisers, will have to comply with the Code of Conduct issued by the Commissioner for Public Employment last year.  Uniform provisions about honesty, ethics and conflict of interest will also be introduced for directors of non public corporation Government boards.

         My Government is developing a new Code of Conduct for Ministers.  The code will set high standards of conduct and give guidance to Ministers about compliance.

         The Government supports a code of conduct for Members of Parliament as an ethical framework within which the Register of Members’ Interests and other obligations on Members will more effectively operate.

         The Government believes the full disclosure of family trusts is essential for Ministers and all Members of Parliament.

         The current disclosure policy that applies to government contracts will also be reviewed by the Government and will be amended if necessary, to achieve a better balance between high levels of accountability and manageable administrative reporting requirements.






         The Government Budget to be released in July will begin the task of returning the budget to a long-term sustainable position.

         My Government has established an Expenditure Review and Budget Cabinet Committee, which will oversee the Budget Process and conduct a comprehensive expenditure review of all portfolio operations.  This expenditure review will seek to put the operations of government on a sound financial basis.  It will identify areas of waste and inefficiency and importantly, will also identify any areas where essential services are not adequately funded.  The Committee will consider issues referred from Cabinet so it can recommend a funding strategy and monitor spending against the financial targets of the Government.  The Committee will also review projects and programs to ensure that the Government’s spending takes into account the Government’s major priorities.


the south Australian economy


         My Government believes that a strong partnership with the private sector is needed to achieve sustained growth and more jobs.  That partnership has been enshrined by the Government through the establishment of the Economic Development Board, chaired by internationally respected mining businessman Robert Champion de Crespigny.   A team of the highest calibre has been marshalled to serve on the Board, which will develop a five year Strategic Plan for the South Australian economy.  This Plan will address issues such as infrastructure, providing high quality skills, research and development and the needs of key industries.  It will also recognise the importance of regional leadership and innovation.

         My Government is keen to ensure that the Board works with the Government to lay the foundations for sustained growth in South Australia.  The Board will work with the Government in a practical, hands-on way.  It will work closely with the Premier as Minister for Economic Development and the Deputy Premier as Minister for Industry, Investment and Trade on matters such as industry and infrastructure development, developing the knowledge economy, improving business access to finance, and so on.

         I am advised that the Board has already helped to achieve some vital real benefits to South Australia, such as the massive new investment at Mitsubishi that is expected to result in:

·        two new model cars being produced in South Australia, and almost a doubling of output;

·        nearly a thousand new direct jobs created;

·        a major commitment to expand exports, and research and development.

         At the same time, the Government is reforming the structure of our economic development agencies and the way in which they work.




         One of the most important pieces of legislation my Government will introduce this year will be that which establishes an Essential Services Commission.  The Essential Services Commission will protect the long term interests of South Australian consumers with regard to price, quality and reliability of electricity.  It will also oversee important issues relating to gas, water and ports.  The Essential Services Commission will be given powers to investigate market participants to ensure no participant exploits its market position and that there are no flaws in the market.

         My Government will also introduce legislation to create an Essential Services Ombudsman.  This will provide South Australians with access to a direct complaint resolution service for dealing with electricity.  The Government seeks to ensure the best possible outcome for South Australian electricity consumers by making sure every avenue for the production and supply of electricity and gas is explored and, if viable, facilitated.

         The Government has taken steps to support the bid to supply extra electricity to South Australia via the SNI interconnector, which used to be known as Riverlink.  To stimulate local renewable electricity generation, my Government will be looking to supply part of its new electricity requirement from renewable sources, at competitive prices.

         My Government has already granted the final approvals for what will be the largest wind farm in Australia at Starfish Hill in Adelaide’s south.




         The Government has recently announced the Government Energy Efficiency Action Plan.  This comprehensive energy management program is aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs across all sectors of government.  The initiative is an integral part of the National Greenhouse Strategy and incorporates my Government’s target of a 15% reduction in energy use in Government buildings.  This would result in annual cost savings progressively increasing to $8 million a year by that date.




         Improving health, and rebuilding our health services, are top priorities for my Government.  It is the Government’s goal to rebuild acute services, and at the same time, move the health system towards primary health care, prevention, health promotion, and safety and quality in health care.

         My Government will build a strategic vision for health on five key pillars:

·        improving the quality and safety of services;

·        greater opportunities for inclusion and community participation;

·        strengthening and re-orienting services towards prevention and primary health care;

·        developing service integration and co-operation;

·        adopting whole of government approaches to advance and improve health status.

         The Government will also be undertaking a comprehensive Generational Review of the health system and its structures and processes.  This will be the first such review since the Bright Committee Enquiry was established by the Government of former Premier Don Dunstan and reported in January 1973.

         The Government will introduce legislation to establish a Health and Community Services Ombudsman to hear and resolve complaints against public or private health or community service providers.

         Ensuring the safety of patients and the quality of care in our hospitals will be an absolute priority for my Government, which aims to deliver better emergency care, more timely surgery, cleaner hospitals and an overall higher quality of care.

         Mental health will be a priority and the Government aims to provide improved access to high quality mental health services for all South Australians.

         My Government is committed to the redevelopment of the Royal Adelaide, Queen Elizabeth and Lyell McEwin Hospitals.




         Education is one of the highest priorities of my Government. It believes that the future economic and social development of our State depends on having an educated and skilled population.

         Amendments to the Education Act 1972 will be introduced to increase the school leaving age to 16 years.  These amendments reflect the Government’s focus on improving our schools and supporting the work of the Social Inclusion Initiative.  One of the first tasks of the Initiative will be to look at school retention rates which have dropped markedly.  Raising the school leaving age to 16 years is a significant step in achieving the policy goals of my Government.  My Government believes that the evidence is clear that the longer young people stay in school, the greater their success in the workforce, and in life.

         It is also the Government’s intention to review the South Australian Certificate of Education, or SACE, to ensure that it is meeting the needs of our community.




         My Government makes no apology for its tough stance on law and order, and is committed to ensuring the safety of all South Australians.  It believes that DNA profiling is the greatest breakthrough in crime-fighting since fingerprinting.  The Government will introduce legislation to require the taking of DNA samples from all prisoners held in South Australian gaols.

         My Government will introduce legislation to give the Attorney-General the authority to seek a guideline sentence from the Court of Criminal Appeal for a particular offence.  This authority will allow public concern about consistency in criminal sentences to be expressed to the Courts and addressed by them. It aims also to improve the public’s understanding of the Courts.




         My Government intends to give back to South Australians the right to defend themselves in their homes and their backyards.  It will legislate to return to South Australians the right to defend their homes, their families and their backyards with such force as they genuinely believe necessary at the time of a burglary or similar  intrusion.  This will be a self defence law that seeks to protect the householder, not the criminal.

         The Government will legislate to remove the defence of self-induced intoxication.  It believes that being drunk or high on drugs should not be an excuse for a crime.




         My Government sees itself as a government for all South Australians, not just for the few.

         In the spirit of Reconciliation, the Government wants to promote and protect the rights of Aboriginal people.  It wants to empower them to make choices so they can retain their cultural identity while taking part in the political, economic and social life of our State, together with South Australians who have full respect for their cultural values, languages, traditions and forms of social organization.

         My Government is also pursuing an innovative Social Inclusion Initiative as a way of tackling pressing social issues such as the school drop out rate, homelessness and youth suicide.  Instead of looking at the symptoms alone, the Government will examine the complex and interrelated causes of disadvantage, and adopt a whole of government and whole of community approach.

         My Government will hold a Drugs Summit at Parliament House in June this year.  Drugs are considered a serious threat to our young people and to our community in general, with their effects reaching out to touch almost every family.  The summit will focus on illicit drugs, with particular emphasis on the growing use of amphetamine-type substances or “designer drugs”.  A priority of the summit will be to look at strategies to reintegrate people excluded from society as a result of their drug abuse.  The outcomes of the summit will provide the basis for future government policy in this area.




         My Government has made it clear there will be no more privatisations in South Australia.

         I am advised that the Treasurer, the Attorney-General and the Minister for Government Enterprises have commenced the onerous task of going through existing privatisation and outsourcing contracts in order to ensure that provisions are honoured and penalties are enforced.




         My Government believes that leadership in the arts is vital for South Australia economically, and for our image and self-esteem.  My Premier has indicated that his commitment to the importance of the arts, and to the transforming vision for South Australia first established by former Premier Don Dunstan, has led him to assume ministerial responsibility for the arts.

         An International Film Festival is planned to begin next year.  This new event, which will happen for the first time early in 2003, will build on the great achievements of the South Australian Film Corporation, and mark the Corporation’s 30th birthday.

         The Government will also work to ensure the long term future of the WOMAD music festival is secured for South Australia.




         My Government believes that rural and regional South Australia are vital to the economic and social future of the State, and it aims to build new and stronger links with our regions.  To achieve a comprehensive focus on regional issues, the Government will establish an Office of Regional Affairs, which will combine the existing Office of Regional Development with extra funds and personnel redirected from other areas within government.  The new Office will provide a stronger voice for regions at a Cabinet level.




         The Government sees its Community Cabinet meetings as one very important way of taking government to the people.  Cabinet meetings will be held each month in different rural, regional and metropolitan locations and any member of the public will be able to meet the Premier and Ministers to discuss issues or initiatives they would like to raise with the Government.  The first Community Cabinet in Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend was considered by the Government to have been a successful first step in a process of making the Government more open and accountable to the people of South Australia.




         The most significant action in the agriculture, food and fisheries area will be the implementation of the Aquaculture Act in July this year.  The introduction of this Act is regarded by the Government as the most significant reform of aquaculture legislation since the introduction of the Fisheries Act in 1982.  It seeks to provide a sound and sustainable basis for the expansion of this potentially valuable industry in our regional areas.

         In the livestock sector, my Government is increasing its capacity to respond to foreign animal diseases.  Outbreaks in recent years of Foot and Mouth Disease and BSE or Mad Cow Disease  in various parts of the world have heightened Australia’s awareness of its preparedness to deal with an outbreak of these diseases.  The Council of Australian Governments has initiated a process to build and test each State's capability to deal with disease incursions into our livestock flocks and herds.




         My Government is dealing with many challenges in the area of environment and conservation.  In what it regards as a major shift in thinking and direction, the Government will provide a whole-of-government approach to environmental protection and the management of South Australia’s wonderful natural resources.

         My Government is committed to integrating natural resource management in this state, based on water catchment areas.  It has already created a new Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation.

         In an historic first for South Australia, the Government will coordinate environmental policy through the new Office of Sustainability.

         My Government intends to strengthen the powers and operations of the Environment Protection Agency.  The EPA will be revamped as an independent authority and will provide greater environmental protection and enforcement efforts.  It is intended that it will take a lead role in controlling and ensuring the safety of radioactive waste already stored in South Australia, and will review the environmental impact of the in-situ leach mining process.




         At the same time, my Government will honour its commitment in a number of key policy areas, including taking a tough stand on the storage of radioactive waste in South Australia.  As a top priority my Government will introduce legislation to prevent our State being used as a national dumping ground.

         The Government will ensure there is transparency and accountability in the reporting of uranium mine spills.

         The Government will work with the traditional owners of the Maralinga Lands to help ensure that the handover of these lands from the Commonwealth occurs on terms satisfactory to the traditional owners.




         My Government will present to Parliament a Bill for a River Murray Act.  This Act will give the Government clear powers over the way in which the River is used and will control planning, irrigation practices, pollution and rehabilitation programs.   The intention of the Act will be to secure the ecological sustainability of any development within the Murray-Darling Basin in South Australia that may have an effect on the health of the River Murray.  The Act will build on existing institutions, and use existing legislation, while giving the Minister for the River Murray some power for direct intervention in defined circumstances.




         The Minister will be enabled to co-ordinate the approval and management of all actions that impact on the land, water and other natural resources of the Murray Darling Basin in South Australia, in so far as those actions may affect the health of the River Murray.




         My Government is committed to improving regulations that minimise the harmful effects of gambling.  An extra $4 million over four years will be provided to the Gamblers’ Rehabilitation Fund to improve gambling counselling and rehabilitation services, community education and research.  Increased funding will be provided to the Independent Gambling Authority to assist it to fulfil its charter to develop and promote strategies for reducing the incidence of problem gambling.

         The Government will initiate research into the effects of gambling related crime, and a schools based program will be developed to warn students of the risks of problem gambling.

         My Government wants to build on the very good work done by the counselling and rehabilitation services provided by welfare and church agencies.  It intends that government and agencies will work together to reduce problem gambling in our community.




         My Government has announced a review of occupational health, safety and welfare and workers compensation arrangements to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved in terms of safe work and assistance for injured workers.

         The Government will support, by legislative amendment, a nationally-agreed approach to handling territorial issues associated with workers compensation arrangements for people who work in more than one State.  This is intended to provide assurance to employees regarding workers compensation coverage, and to give greater certainty to employers as to the State in which they need to take out workers compensation insurance.

         I now declare this session open and trust that your deliberations will be guided by Divine Providence to the advancement of the welfare of the people of this State.



         I now declare this Session open and trust that your deliberations will be guided by Divine Providence to the advancement of the welfare of the people of this State.

                                                                                                  Marjorie jACKSON-NELSON, Governor.

        Parliament House,


        7 May 2002.

                 Her Excellency retired from the Chamber.

                 The Members of the House of Assembly withdrew.




The President read prayers.




At ten minutes to one o’clock the sitting was suspended until the ringing of the bells.

                 At thirty minutes past two o’clock the sitting was resumed.


Suspension and

Resumption of




The President informed the Council that he held a Commission from Her Excellency The Governor authorising him to administer the Oath or Affirmation to Members of the Legislative Council.


Commission to


The following Papers were laid upon the Table, viz.:

        By the President -

                 Register of new Members’ Interests - May 2002 - Registrar’s Statement.

                          Ordered - That the Statement be printed (Paper No. 134A).

        By the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (The Hon. P. Holloway) -

                 Reports, 2001 -

                          Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia.

                          Teachers Registration Board of South Australia.

                 Report, 2000-2001 -

                          Australasia Railway Corporation.

                 Ministers of the Crown and Officers and Members of Parliament - Determination and Report of the Remuneration Tribunal - No. 3 of 2002.

                 Travelling and Accommodation Allowances - Determination and Report of the Remuneration Tribunal - No. 2 of 2002.




                 Regulation under the following Act -

                          Fisheries Act 1982 - Blue Crab.

                 Rules under the following Act -

                          Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000 - Bookmakers Licensing (Unclaimed Winnings).

        By the Minister for Mineral Resources Development (The Hon. P. Holloway) -

                 Regulation under the following Act -

                          Offshore Minerals Act 2000 - Licences.

        By the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation (The Hon. T. G. Roberts) -

                 Report, 2001 -

                          South Australian Council on Reproductive Technology.

                 Reports, 2000-2001 -

                          Bookmark Biosphere Trust.

                          Food Act 1985.

                          Martindale Hall Conservation Trust.

                          Murray-Darling Basin Commission.

                          Native Vegetation Council.

                          South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Council.

                          State Heritage Authority.

                          Supported Residential Facilities Advisory Committee.

                          The Dog and Cat Management Board of South Australia.

                 Regulations under the following Acts -

                          Conveyancers - Trust Accounts.

                          Harbors and Navigation - Exotic Seaweed.

                          Land Agents - Trust Account Exemption.

                          Liquor Licensing - Dry Areas -

                                   Ceduna and Thevenard, Gawler

                                   Hallett Cove.


                          Security and Investigation Agents - Keeping Records.

                          Trade Measurement -

                                   Measuring Instruments.

                                   Pre-Packed Articles.

                          Water Resources - Extension of Management Policy.

                 Rules of Court -

                          Magistrates Court - Magistrates Court Act 1983 - Jurisdiction Changes.

                          Supreme Court - Supreme Court Act 1935 - Scale of Costs.

                 Rules under the following Act -

                          Local Government Act 1999 - Superannuation Board - Final Salary.

                 Social Development Committee’s 15th Report - Inquiry into Biotechnology Part II - Food Production - Response by the Minister for Health, the Hon. L. Stevens, M.P.

                 Statutory Authorities Review Committee’s Inquiry into the Aboriginal Lands Trust - Coast Protection Board and Veterinary Surgeons Board - Response by the Minister for Environment and Conservation, the Hon. J. Hill, M.P.




The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, while making a Ministerial Statement, tabled a copy of the Shark Sighting and Incidents Response Plan by Primary Industries and Resources SA.


Paper Tabled.


The Hon. C. V. Schaefer, by leave, tabled a copy of a letter from her to the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, dated 25 March 2002, together with a letter to her from Mr. Gary Burgess, Chair, Community Services Committee, South Australian Farmers Federation, dated 22 March 2002.


Papers Tabled.


The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, by leave, moved - That Standing Order No. 14 be suspended.

                 Question put and passed, without a dissentient voice, there being present an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the Council.


of Standing
Order No. 14.



The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That a Standing Orders Committee be appointed consisting of the President, the Hon. R. D. Lawson, the Hon. R. I. Lucas, the Hon. C. Zollo and the mover.

                 Question put and passed.


Standing Orders



Ordered - That for this Session a Library Committee not be appointed.






The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That a Printing Committee be appointed consisting of the Hon. J. M. Gazzola, the Hon. D. V. Laidlaw, the Hon. R. K. Sneath, the Hon. T. J. Stephens and the Hon. C. Zollo.

                 Question put and passed.





The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That pursuant to Section 5 of the Parliament (Joint Services) Act 1985, the Hon. C. V. Schaefer and the Hon. C. Zollo be appointed to act with the Hon. The President as Members of the Joint Parliamentary Service Committee and that the Hon. R. K. Sneath be appointed the alternate Member of the Committee to the Hon. The President, the Hon. J.S.L. Dawkins the alternate Member to the Hon.
C. V. Schaefer and the Hon. G. E. Gago the alternate Member to the Hon. C. Zollo.

                 Question put and passed.

                 The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That a Message be sent to the House of Assembly informing them of the aforementioned Resolution.

                 Question put and passed.








The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That pursuant to Section 20(2) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991, the following Members be appointed to the Environment, Resources and Development Committee, viz.:  the Hon. M. J. Elliott, the Hon. J. M. Gazzola and the Hon. D. V. Laidlaw, and that a Message be sent to the House of Assembly in accordance with the foregoing Resolution.

                 Question put and passed.



Resources and


Committee -


of Members.



The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That pursuant to Section 20(2) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991, the following Members be appointed to the Social Development Committee, viz.:  the Hon. T. G. Cameron, the Hon. G. E. Gago and the Hon.
D. W. Ridgway, and that a Message be sent to the House of Assembly in accordance with the foregoing Resolution.

                 Question put and passed.




Committee -


of Members.



The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That pursuant to Section 20(2) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991, the following Members be appointed to the Legislative Review Committee, viz.: the Hon. I. Gilfillan, the Hon. A. J. Redford and the Hon.
C. Zollo, and that a Message be sent to the House of Assembly in accordance with the foregoing Resolution.

                 Question put and passed.




Committee -


of Members.



The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That pursuant to Section 20(2) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991, the following Members be appointed to the Statutory Authorities Review Committee, viz.: the Hon. A. L. Evans, the Hon. R. K. Sneath, the Hon.
C. V. Schaefer, the Hon. T. J. Stephens and the Hon. N. Xenophon.

                 Question put and passed.





Committee -


of Members.



The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That pursuant to section 20(2) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991, the following Members be appointed to the Occupational Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Committee, viz.: the Hon. M. J. Elliott, the Hon.
J. M. Gazzola and the Hon. A. J. Redford, and that a Message be sent to the House of Assembly in accordance with the foregoing Resolution.

                 Question put and passed.




Rehabilitation and


Committee -


of Members.



The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That pursuant to section 20(2) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991, the following Members be appointed to the Statutory Officers Committee, viz.: the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, the Hon. M. J. Elliott and the Hon. R. D. Lawson, and that a Message be sent to the House of Assembly in accordance with the foregoing Resolution.

                 Question put and passed.




Committee -


of Members.



The President having laid on the Table a copy of the Opening Speech by the Governor:

                 The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries moved - That a Committee consisting of the Hon. G. E. Gago, the Hon. J. M. Gazzola, the Hon. D. W. Ridgway, the Hon. T. J. Stephens and the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, be appointed to prepare a Draft Address in Reply to the Speech delivered this day by Her Excellency the Governor and to report on the next day of sitting.

                 Debate ensued.

                 Question put and passed.


Draft Address

in Reply.


Council adjourned at twenty three minutes to five o’clock until tomorrow at fifteen minutes past two o’clock.










Members present during any part of the sitting:




The Hon. T. G. Cameron

The Hon. J.S.L. Dawkins

The Hon. M. J. Elliott

The Hon. A. L. Evans

The Hon. G. E. Gago

The Hon. J. Gazzola

The Hon. I. Gilfillan


The Hon. P. Holloway

The Hon. S. M. Kanck

The Hon. D. V. Laidlaw

The Hon. R. D. Lawson

The Hon. R. I. Lucas

The Hon. A. J. Redford

The Hon. D. W. Ridgway

The Hon. T. G. Roberts

The Hon. C. V. Schaefer

The Hon. R. K. Sneath

The Hon.  J. F. Stefani

The Hon. T. J. Stephens

The Hon. N. Xenophon

The Hon. C. Zollo