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Council met pursuant to Proclamation published in the Government Gazette of 17 September 1998.

                 At twelve o’clock noon, the Clerk read the Proclamation, as under:


Proclamation By The Governor


                 (L.S.)         E. J. Neal


PURSUANT  to the Constitution Act 1934 and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, I -


(a)     fix 12 noon on 27 October 1998 as the time for holding the Second Session of the Forty-Ninth Parliament.

(b)     declare that the place for holding the Parliament will be the building known as Parliament House at North Terrace, Adelaide; and

(c)     summon the Parliament to meet for the despatch of business at the time and place stated above and require all honourable members of the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly and all officers of the Parliament to give their due attendance accordingly.


Given under my hand and the Public Seal of South Australia, at Adelaide, 17 September 1998.


                                                                                              By command,

                                                                                                              DIANA LAIDLAW, for  Acting Premier.


Meeting of



The Governor (Sir Eric Neal, A.C., C.V.O) having been announced by Black Rod, was received by the President at the Bar of the Council Chamber and by him conducted to the Chair:

                 His Excellency, having requested that Members take their seats, commanded Black Rod to let Members of the House of Assembly know he desired their attendance in the Legislative Council Chamber forthwith:

                 Who, being come with their Speaker:

                 His Excellency having requested the Members of the House of Assembly to be seated, was pleased to address both Houses, as follows:

        Honourable Members of the Legislative Council and Members of the House of Assembly

                 Today we enter the second Parliamentary year of my Government’s second term.

                 This is a term of Government which has kept to its promised path.  That is, it remains dedicated to sustainable economic development in tandem with social responsibility.




         It is a term of Government equally dedicated to self esteem for all South Australians - self esteem delivered through self reliance and self confidence.  And self reliance being the welcome result of increased job opportunities.

         It is a term of Government dedicated to quality of life for all South Australians - quality of life delivered through debt reduction and stimulated investment growth.  Because the results of debt reduction and investment opportunities ARE jobs.  And jobs are the key to self esteem and quality of life.

         It is within that framework, a framework planned with determination to reach this critical objective, that my Government begins this new Parliamentary year.  It will not be an easy year.

         My Government seeks to deliver the above outcomes while all around are challenges, issues out of State control.  We have a crisis in Asia, and some degree of economic turmoil besetting most of our trading partners.  We know that growth forecasts for the major western economies have been slashed.  But my Government sees that as no reason to pull back from its goals. 

         It does make the decisions of this Parliament, against that economic backdrop, all the more crucial.  This Session, all 69 Parliamentarians have the future quality of life and the self esteem of South Australia very much in their hands.  It is an onerous responsibility, one which calls for a just and bipartisan approach, an approach of goodwill - and of willing negotiation and compromise - to get to where this State needs to be.

         This situation arises because my Government’s legislative program contains critical debt reduction measures.  In particular, I refer to the legislation which seeks to have the risk of ownership of our power utilities in the new national market pass to the private sector by way of trade sale, long term lease or public float.  Such measures are not driven by ideology.  They are driven by commitment to the needs of all South Australians who want their public hospitals to deliver quality of care, and their state schools to deliver us employable young adults to be proud of.  This is coupled with a commitment to, never again, drag this State and its people down financially and psychologically.

         More debt CANNOT be the solution to meeting the needs of South Australians.  It is an irresponsible path my Government refuses to pursue.  It is reducing the State’s debt.  It is cancelling out the onerous interest payments on that debt which WILL provide the solution.

         Through those measures, money which currently pays the high interest on the debt - still some $2 million dollars a day - will be handed over to much needed social and construction programs.  This will deliver a combination of many more jobs and far greater services and facilities.  It will give our hospitals and clinics state of the art equipment and the financial status to employ the number of professionals they need, to meet the community’s needs.  It will give our schools the ability to have all our school children computer literate well before they complete their education.  That should not be a goal but a minimum acceptable standard.

         An almost debt free state can deliver that goal.  It can, and will, deliver my Government’s main objective - economic growth with social responsibility.

         My Government notes that questions have been asked about exactly what debt reduction, what targeted asset sales do for a community which needs jobs.

         Questions have also been asked about what a program of infrastructure projects such as Glenelg/West Beach, the National Wine Centre, the Memorial Drive redevelopment, and the Riverbank project do for a community which, above all, needs employment.

         My Government answers that those policy directions, far from being blinkered, are, in fact, the essential keys to opening up job opportunities.  It is why, despite budgetary constraints, my government has embarked on the largest capital works program in this State’s history - a program costing $1.24 billion.  It is there to stimulate job creation.  And for that reason, those policy directions will be reflected in the legislative program which will be before this Parliament this year and for the next three years.

         My Government will not resile, and will not deviate from this strategy aimed at job creation.  It sees this as the only strategy which can deliver what every South Australian wants for themselves and their families - quality of life and job security and an end to the drift of our youth to interstate job markets.

         Part of that determination to job creation is a plan to consult widely with the community across the State in a series of job workshops.  These will be conducted over a four week period as part of my Government’s continued commitment to tackle unemployment in the State. This will be free of political based debate. My Government is looking for a series of constructive ideas on which to base policy options.

         My Government has the determination to follow through seeing its quest in the short term as to be responsible rather than popular, respected rather than liked.



         Through its legislative program it intends to continue to present to South Australians a framework for recovery:-

        -     an interlocking and compatible list of plans and objectives which add up to a total picture of a vibrant State.

        -     a State which has created a climate that encourages business growth, and has an increased and relevantly skilled population.

        -     a population which enjoys harmony in the workplace and feels safe at home and in the street.

        -     a population which can plan for its children’s future with certainty.

        -     a population which has pride in being South Australian, pride in being part of a creative, dynamic and innovative regional economy.

         The legislative and policy program I now outline will, through the ambition and support of all South Australians, work toward this result.

         In the area of Human Services my Government will continue to assist those in need, and to promote health and well-being.  Importantly my Government has drawn together health, housing, community services, ageing and disability services to ensure that all those services are focussed on the needs of families and individuals and NOT institutions.  This is an essential foundation for all future legislation in the human services area.

         In August, the new five-year Medicare agreement was signed which will boost funding for our State’s hospitals and enable my Government to introduce new and innovative programs to provide care in the home and community.

         My Government through the Minister was instrumental in fighting to secure a fairer deal for all States.  Despite a withdrawal of federal funding, children in our State will, completely free of charge, continue to be able to access a new vaccine for whooping cough which has fewer side effects.

         We will also continue to provide South Australians over 70 with free influenza vaccine. Coinciding with the International Year of Older Persons we will deliver a specific and comprehensive promotion plan.  And we will continue to promote vital health prevention strategies to complement Active Australia; the national initiative aimed at increasing population physical activity.

         Importantly, smoke free dining legislation will come into effect in January 1999.  With a commitment of $3.9 million, my Government will develop the most significant tobacco control strategy ever undertaken in this State.

         And armed with the knowledge that early detection is the key to successful treatment of many cancers, my Government will continue to promote and encourage cervical and breast cancer screening programs.

         At the same time the health infrastructure will continue to be strengthened with the awarding of contracts or completion of a number of major capital works projects in coming months.  These include contracts for stage two of Kangaroo Island hospital, and Mount Barker day surgery and community health centre, and the opening of the Port Lincoln hospital redevelopment. Flinders Private Hospital will become operational.

         Legislation will be introduced to rewrite the Nurses Act.  This will ensure that the regulatory framework within which nursing is practised keeps pace with modern developments and standards.

         And my Government will continue to fund and use information technology to benefit patients.  For example, through the “telehealth in the home” project, a trial is underway to allow country renal and respiratory patients to have two-way consultations with the Queen Elizabeth hospital in the comfort of their own homes.

         In Housing: over the coming months new guidelines will be introduced for public and community housing which will ensure all new housing assistance is provided on a needs basis, with priority to those in greatest need.  And my Government will also continue with its efforts to secure a new five-year funding agreement for housing with the Commonwealth Government.

         All of the above is aimed at ensuring all South Australians who have need to use ANY of the human services areas receive the quality care and support that they deserve.

         Continued work with Aboriginal Communities is vital to furthering their social, cultural and economic advancement and my Government will continue to provide a coordinated approach to Aboriginal Affairs within the State.

         In the areas of Education, Children’s Services, Training, Employment and Youth:-

My Government will continue to build on the successful integration it has carried out of those areas which care for, and nurture, young people from child care through to tertiary education and employment.



         A review of the Education Act 1972 and the Children’s Services Act 1985 has begun through an open process of community consultation.  Through this, we are looking to promote flexible and innovative services to meet the changing needs of pupils, their families and the workforce.

         A $1 million fund has been made available by my Government to assist existing child care services experiencing problems following changes to Commonwealth funding arrangements.  It is an area where my Government would have liked to have the funds to offer far more support. Budgetary constraints and the State’s debt levels currently make this impossible.

         Numeracy and literacy continues to be a priority.  More than $4 million will be distributed to preschools and schools to support children who appear to have those skills at risk.  And a new scheme to assess children’s learning in the first years of school will be introduced into at least 60 per cent of schools during the next year.

         Technology use in schools will remain crucial.  Computer skills - providing every South Australian pupil with the opportunity to become computer literate is also a very high priority, with new support programs being introduced.

         And my Government’s highly successful traineeships program will continue.  This program continues to deliver public and private sector employment or further education outcomes to more than 70 per cent of the young people involved.  It is a program other States look on with envy and are now speaking of implementing.

         The Government will now commit a further $31.2 million to train another 2,400 young people in the next two years and in 30 different occupational categories.  One thousand of these young people will be placed in regional locations.  And this will increase opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and young people with disabilities to participate.

         This is part of a far broader policy commitment which is costing $100 million.  This also delivers employment to 600 graduates, and places young people in 1500 small businesses - a much-needed start in the workforce.

         All my Government’s education programs are dedicated to ensuring more young South Australians are prepared to the highest standards for their future careers.  And it is being achieved through a quality education system that is relevant to the needs of society and to the fast changing workplace.

         The protection of our valuable environmental resources will continue to be a key objective of my Government with a particular focus on ensuring access to safe and secure water resources which is essential for any community. 

         Improved planning controls for waste management are being developed as part of an environment protection (waste) policy.

         My Government will continue to develop the framework for protecting marine habitats and their biodiversity following the release of the Marine and Estuarine Strategy for South Australia by addressing such issues as sustainable use, improved management and conservation of the coastal and offshore environment.

         In Transport, my Government will continue to facilitate the construction of the new domestic and international integrated terminal at Adelaide Airport.

         Planning for stage two of the Southern Expressway is nearing completion, and the construction of the Adelaide to Darwin Rail link is scheduled to start in 1999 as key transport infrastructure for the next millennium.  Work is on schedule on the Adelaide-Crafers Highway with completion expected in December 1999.

         My Government is continuing to improve its customer service and safety on public transport with a range of initiatives.  These include equipping public transport staff with mobile phones for public use after 8pm to ensure passengers concerned for their safety can arrange to be met.  At the same time, after dark, passengers can request a safe set down as near to home as possible.  These initiatives may seem small - but they are a reflection of my Government’s concern for the well-being of South Australians.

         Meanwhile my Government is committed to Adelaide remaining the national leader in transport for people with disabilities.  By early next year, Australia’s first of 53 low floor, fully accessible, compressed natural gas powered buses will be in operation as part of a regular public transport service.

         In country regions, a trial of air-conditioned school buses is underway.  And further legislation will be introduced to refine the competitive tendering processes for public transport services.

         In the City, in Tourism, and in the Arts my Government is taking aggressive policy decisions.

         The legislation relating to the Governance of the City is now leading up to new elections - a new beginning for management of the future direction of this City.



         My Government is also placing priority on the revitalisation of the central business district. Some $400 million of private and public funds have been spent or committed to the North Terrace precinct and the Riverbank environs, including the National Wine Museum, the State Library extensions, the National Aboriginal Cultures Gallery, the $55 million convention centre upgrade and the Riverbank project itself.

         The redevelopment of the Festival Centre continues, with acoustic and auditorium upgrades completed in time for the staging of “The Ring” next month - the biggest cultural event in Australia’s history in terms of interstate and international visitor numbers.

         Priority works costing nearly $4 million will be completed by the end of this financial year.

         Work is also nearing completion on the $5 million redevelopment of the National Motor Museum at Birdwood.

         Such works are not considered luxuries by my Government.  They are dedicated to celebrating our culture and increasing both tourist numbers and the length of stay in South Australia.  Through that, more jobs will be created for South Australians.  All of this is aimed at creating long term, secure jobs for South Australians through developing a tourism industry which already employs 26,000.

         In Industry and Trade and State Development:-

My Government is continuing with its policy of expanding the call centre sector which now employs 4000 people.

         It is also on track with its policy to develop IT industries.  This sector employs 10,700 and is growing at 15 per cent per annum. Similar policies are in place to support defence, electronics, and the food sector which is expanding rapidly, especially in aquaculture.

         The food sector will be further supported by the establishment of a Food Exporters Association.

         It is expected that the next year will see Government industry support delivered to an average 420 local companies to create more jobs.  In the next year also, my Government will continue to spend approximately 70 per cent of its industry development funds assisting already established local companies to further develop, to become globally competitive.

         In the area of Primary Industries, Natural Resources and Regional Development my Government has a series of initiatives to be undertaken.

         My Government has established a task force to report on regional development and will consider its recommendations to ensure whole of State participation in economic development.

         Regional development is being boosted by the current success of our viticultural and food industries, to the point where my Government is now tackling a unique problem of dealing with labour housing shortages in significant areas of the Mid and Upper South East.  Significant growth is also being experienced in the Riverland, Northern Adelaide Plains and Fleurieu regions.

         My Government has made a commitment to improve our State’s irrigation systems, particularly a commitment to the rehabilitation of the irrigation water supply infrastructure at Loxton and a further joint venture program in the Qualco-Sunlands area of the Riverland.

         In partnership with the community my Government will be developing overarching legislation for natural resource management.  This will provide a more consistent and efficient legal framework through a common set of policies and processes for all natural resource management legislation.

         A new exploration initiative to assist private sector exploration for mineral, petroleum and ground water resources will be undertaken at a cost in excess of $23 million over the next four years.  Yet again this is designed to eventually deliver more jobs for more South Australians.

         Control of offshore exploration and mining is also to be implemented.

         My Government will introduce legislation to give effect to some of the options for State action under the Commonwealth’s recent amendments to the Native Title Act 1993.  In particular, it will validate certain tenures granted in this State over the past 160 years.  It will make the State test for registration of claims consistent with the Commonwealth test, and it will adjust the existing right to negotiate scheme in the Mining and Opal Mining Acts to make them consistent with the modifications that the Commonwealth has made to its scheme.

         Importantly it will also introduce legislation to insert a right to negotiate scheme in the Petroleum Act 1940 that is consistent with the mining and opal mining schemes and that will operate in place of the Commonwealth scheme.  It is intended that this legislation will lie on the table over the Christmas recess so that my Government can undertake an extensive consultation process with indigenous and industry groups.

         To ensure our planning system recognises the Government’s goals of sustainable economic development and reinforces our quality of life, a review of the Development Act is taking place.



         My Government is continuing with its reputation for proactive Ministerial portfolio allocation.  Following on from introducing Australia’s first dedicated State Minister for Disabilities, this Parliament brings Australia’s first dedicated Minister with responsibility for Year 2000 compliance.  This State intends to be ready to meet and overcome the challenges that are increasingly being identified with this difficult and complex problem.

         In addition a dedicated team in State Development, as part of the Department of Premier and Cabinet will concentrate on national and international investment.

         In the areas of shopping hour reform, and industrial relations, my Government will be moving forward with legislative change.  My Government will introduce legislation to amend the Shop Trading Hours Act to implement the results of the review of shop trading hours. The legislation will balance the range of interests involved in retailing.

         My Government will build on its record of reform in industrial relations legislation. Through the Industrial Relations Advisory Committee the Government has consulted with the industrial partners on the implementation of its electoral mandate and legislation to achieve this goal will be introduced.

         My Government is well advanced in the scoping review of a range of Government assets.

         The Attorney General will introduce legislation related to ensuring the safety and security of all South Australians.  A Bill will be introduced to clarify police powers with respect to the use of surveillance devices.  A Bill will be introduced to make amendments to the Domestic Violence Act 1994 and the Summary Procedure Act 1921. These amendments will ensure legislation which works well continues to operate effectively.

         There will be legislation to deal with the contamination of goods. This contains new criminal law provisions to deal with the contamination or threatened contamination of goods to cause public alarm or economic consequences.

         My Government also intends to introduce legislation to remove the penalty for failing to vote at a State election.  My Government has clearly stated its opposition to compulsory voting. The proposed legislation will still recognise the responsibility of citizens to vote but the penalty for refusing to vote will be removed.

         In the area of Treasury and Finance, my Government is entering a period of considerable change in the relationship between the Commonwealth Government and the States in relation to Federal taxation reform and Federal State relations.  This will encompass a raft of financial and budgetary restructuring as some nine State taxes are abolished.

         The recent endorsement by the Australian community of the re-elected Commonwealth Government’s tax reform proposals does however provide us with the unique opportunity to reform fundamentally the nature and scope of this State’s financial relations with the Federal Government.  In providing the States with access to the revenue raised from the goods and services tax, the Federal Government is providing access to a revenue source with growth characteristics comparable to likely demand for State Government funded services.  Much of the detail now needs to be worked through and my Government will be pursuing further discussions with other States and the Federal Government to progress this with speed.

         At the same time my Government aims to remain at the forefront of public sector reform in budgeting processes and practices.

         My Government will introduce legislation which addresses a number of revenue issues.  The Stamp Duties Act will be amended to put beyond doubt, that both existing and future assessments of duty in respect of share buyback schemes are dutiable.

         My Government will also be introducing legislation to expand the stamp duty exemptions provided for intergenerational farm transfers to include nephews and nieces.  It will also expand to include farm and plant equipment transferred.  This a further example of my Government’s pledge to provide assistance to rural families.

         My Government is also to introduce legislation to regulate and control gambling offered via the internet or by any other telecommunication means.  The legislation will provide protection for players.  And it will establish an inter-jurisdictional scheme which will ensure that gambling offered electronically meets stringent technical and probity standards.  It will also enable South Australia to receive tax revenue collected from interstate jurisdictions where South Australians have used interactive gambling products.

                 My Government asserts that the package of policy and legislative program outlined is in line with its determination to deliver quality of life and job security to all South Australians.  We cannot ignore the challenge of a global market place but we can ensure a smooth transition to create a prosperous future.



         I now declare this session open and trust that your deliberations will be guided by Divine Providence to the advancement of the welfare of the people of this State.

                                                                                                                             Eric Neal, Governor.

        Parliament House,


        27 October 1998.

                 His Excellency retired from the Chamber.

                 The Members of the House of Assembly withdrew.




The President read prayers.




At ten minutes to one o’clock the sitting was suspended until the ringing of the bells.

                 At thirty minutes past two o’clock the sitting was resumed.


Suspension and

Resumption of





The President laid on the Table the Report of the Statutory Authorities Review Committee, 1997-98, which was authorised to be printed and published pursuant to section 17(7)(b) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1991.









The following Papers were laid upon the Table, viz.:

        By the President -

                 Report of Auditor-General and Treasurer’s Financial Statements, 1997-98 - Parts A and B.

                 Register of Members’ Interests - June 1998 - Registrar’s Statement.

                          Ordered - That the Statement be printed (Paper No. 134).

        By the Treasurer (The Hon. R. I. Lucas) -

                 Reports, 1997-98 -

                          Construction Industry Training Board.

                          Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

                          Department of Treasury and Finance.

                          Funds SA.

                          Gaming Machines Act 1992 - State Supply Board.

                          Gaming Supervisory Authority.

                          Motor Accident Commission.

                          Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment.

                          Optima Energy.

                          Report of the Presiding Officer, Promotion and Grievance Appeal Tribunal.

                          Report on the Operations of the Auditor-General’s Department.

                          South Australian Gaming Machines Act 1992 - Liquor and Gaming Commissioner.

                          South Australian Government Captive Insurance Corporation.

                          South Australian Government Financing Authority.

                          South Australian Parliamentary Superannuation Scheme.

                          South Australian Superannuation Board.

                 University of South Australia - Report, 1997.

                 ETSA Corporation - Report, 1998.

                 Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment - SA Public Sector Workforce Information - Report, June 1998.

                 Budget Results, 1997-98.

                 ETSA Corporation - Charter.

                 SA Generation Corporation - Charter.

                 Remuneration Tribunal - Report relating to Determination No. 2 of 1998 - Ministers of the Crown and Officers and members of Parliament.

                 Remuneration Tribunal - Report relating to Determination No. 3 of 1998 - Auditor-General, Electoral Commission, Deputy Electoral Commissioner and Employee Ombudsman.

                 Regulations under the following Acts -

                          Education Act 1972 - Teachers’ Registration.

                          Petroleum Products Act 1995 - Subsidy Rate.

                          Public Corporations Act 1993 -

                                   ETSA Transmission Corporation.


                          Southern State Superannuation Act 1994 - Various.

                          Technical and Further Education Act 1975 - Principal.

                          Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 - Smoking in Dining or Café Areas.

          By the Attorney-General (The Hon. K. T. Griffin) -



                 Reports, 1997-98 -

                          Advisory Board of Agriculture.

                          Courts Administration Authority.

                          Director of Public Prosecutions.

                          Electrical Technical Regulators.

                          Gas Technical Regulators.

                          Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

                          Phylloxera and Grape Industry Board of SA.

                          Soil Conservation Council.

                          South Australia Police - Report and Statistical Review Supplement.

                          South Australian Classification Council.

                          State Electoral Office.

                 Dried Fruits Board of South Australia - Report, 1996-97.

                 Institution of Surveyors, Australia - South Australian Division Inc. - Report, 1997.

                 South Australian Water Corporation - Corporation Charter.

                 South Australian State Electoral Office - Statistical Returns for General Elections -
11 October 1997.

                 Regulations under the following Acts -

                          Coroners Act 1975 - Coroner Daily Fees.

                          Dangerous Substances Act 1979 - Principal.

                          Electricity Act 1996 - Various.

                          Liquor Licensing Act 1997 - Dry Areas - Long Term - Moonta-Port Hughes.

                          Police Act 1952 - Principal.

                          Subordinate Legislation Act 1978 - Postponement of Expiry.



        By the Minister for Transport and Urban Planning (The Hon. D. V. Laidlaw) -

                 Reports, 1997-98.

                          Dental Board of South Australia.

                          Local Government Grants Commission.

                          National Road Transport Commission.

                 Enfield General Cemetery Trust - Report, 1996-97.

                 Local Government Finance Authority of South Australia -Report, 1998.

                 Architects Board of South Australia -

                          Report, 1995.

                          Report, 1996.

                          Report, 1997.

                 Local Government Boundary Reform Board - Report, January 1996 - September 1998.

                 Rules -

                          Local Government Act 1934 -

                                   East Waste Management Authority Inc. - Amendment to Rules.

                                   Southern Eyre Peninsula Controlling Authority.

                          Racing Act - Harness Racing - Driving Tactics.

                 South Australian Athletics Stadium - Charter - Effective 1 July 1998.

                 Development Act 1993 -

                          Report on the Interim Operation of the City of Port Lincoln - Lincoln Cove Plan Amendment Report.

                          Report on the Interim Operation of the City of Prospect - Local Heritage Places Plan Amendment.

                 Highways Act 1926 - Lease of Properties - Transport SA.

                 Third Party Premiums Committee - Determinations.

                 Regulations under the following Acts -

                          City of Adelaide Act 1998 - Elections and Polls.

                          Development Act 1993 - Private Certifiers.

                          Highways Act 1926 - Highways Fund.

                          Housing and Urban Development (Administrative Arrangements) Act 1995 - Aboriginal Housing Authority.

                          Local Government Act 1934 - Superannuation Board -

                                   Approved Authority.

                                   Member’s Salary.

                          Motor Vehicles Act 1959 - Drivers’ Licences.

                          Road Traffic Act 1961 - Declaration of Hospitals.

                          South Australian Health Commission Act 1976 - Prescribed Hospitals and Health Centres.

                 District Council By-laws -

                          Southern Mallee -

                                   No.    1   -   Permits and Penalties.

                                   No.    2   -   Moveable Signs.

                                   No.    3   -   Council Land.

                                   No.    4   -   Caravans and Camping.

                                   No.    5   -   Creatures.




The Minister for Transport and Urban Development tabled copy of a document titled “Funded Projects for Disadvantaged People” prepared by Community Benefit SA.





The Treasurer, by leave, moved - That Standing Order No. 14 be suspended.

                 Question put and passed, without a dissentient voice, there being present an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the Council.



of Standing

Order No. 14.



The Treasurer, by leave, moved - That for this Session, the Standing Orders be so far suspended as to provide that at the conclusion of the period for Questions without Notice, on Wednesdays, Members may make statements on a matter of interest.  Up to seven Members may speak for a maximum of five minutes each.  The President may order the Member to resume his or her seat if, in the opinion of the President, the Member infringes Standing Orders governing the rules of debate.

                 Question put and passed, without a dissentient voice, there being present an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the Council.



of Standing

Orders -

Matters of



The Treasurer, by leave, moved - That for this Session, the Standing Orders be so far suspended as to enable Questions without Notice to proceed for one hour after Petitions, Replies to Questions on Notice, Tabling of Papers and Committee Reports, as well as Ministerial Statements.

                 Question put and passed, without a dissentient voice, there being present an absolute majority of the whole number of Members of the Council.



of Standing

Orders -






The Treasurer, by leave, moved - That the Members of this Council appointed to the Joint Committee on Transport Safety have power to act on the Joint Committee during the present Session.

                 Question put and passed.


Joint Committee


Transport Safety.



The Treasurer, by leave, moved - That the Select Committee on the Establishment of a Special Committee and the Holding of a Referendum on the Sale of ETSA and Optima Energy have power to sit during the present session, and that the time for bringing up the Report be extended until Tuesday, 24 November 1998.

                 Question put and passed.


Select Committee

on the Establishment

of a Special

Committee and the

Holding of a

Referendum on the

Sale of ETSA and

Optima Energy.



The Minister for Disability Services, by leave, moved - That the Select Committee on Outsourcing of State Government Services have power to sit during the present session, and that the time for bringing up the Report be extended until Wednesday, 25 November 1998.

                 Question put and passed.


Select Committee

on Outsourcing of State Government Services.


The Treasurer moved - That a Standing Orders Committee be appointed consisting of the President, the Hon. K. T. Griffin, the Hon. C. A. Pickles, the Hon. G. Weatherill and the mover.

                 Question put and passed.


Standing Orders



Ordered - That for this Session a Library Committee not be appointed.






The Treasurer moved - That a Printing Committee be appointed consisting of the Hon.
J.S.L. Dawkins, the Hon. A. J. Redford, the Hon. T. G. Roberts, the Hon. J. F. Stefani and the Hon. C. Zollo.

                 Question put and passed.





The President having laid on the Table a copy of the Opening Speech by the Governor:

                 The Treasurer moved - That a Committee consisting of the Hon. T. Crothers, the Hon.
A. J. Redford, the Hon. J. F. Stefani, the Hon. C. Zollo and the Mover, be appointed to prepare a Draft Address in Reply to the Speech delivered this day by His Excellency the Governor and to report on the next day of sitting.

                 Debate ensued.

                 Question put and passed.


Draft Address

in Reply.


Council adjourned at fifteen minutes past four o’clock until tomorrow at fifteen minutes past two o’clock.











Members present during any part of the sitting:




The Hon. T. G. Cameron

The Hon. T. Crothers

The Hon. L. H. Davis

The Hon. J.S.L. Dawkins

The Hon. M. J. Elliott

The Hon. I. Gilfillan

The Hon. K. T. Griffin


The Hon. P. Holloway

The Hon. S. M. Kanck

The Hon. D. V. Laidlaw

The Hon. R. D. Lawson

The Hon. R. I. Lucas

The Hon. C. A. Pickles

The Hon. A. J. Redford


The Hon. R. R. Roberts

The Hon. T. G. Roberts

The Hon. C. V. Schaefer

The Hon. J. F. Stefani

The Hon. G. Weatherill

The Hon. N. Xenophon

The Hon. C. Zollo