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Weekly Diary of a Cabinet Minister

Monday (Non-sitting day)
8.30 am Arrive in Ministerial office.
Meeting with Executive Director, Children’s Services Office.
9.00 am Meeting with South Australian Institute of Teachers.
10.00 am Meeting with representatives from sporting lobby group to discuss physical education and sport in schools.
11.00 am Appointment with Chair of a primary school re local school issue.
11.30 am Leadership meeting with the Premier.
2.00 pm Cabinet.
6.30 pm State Executive meeting.


(Parliamentary Sitting Day)
7.30 am Breakfast launch of new experience program for students.
9.30 am Office time.
11.30 am Launch of 10th Physical Education Week at Elder Park. Minister makes a speech.
12.00 pm Legislative Council Party meting.
2.15 pm Parliament.
4.30 pm Meeting at Parliament House with members of the public to discuss distance education issues.
10.10 pm Play basketball in social competition.


(Parliamentary Sitting Day)
8.15 am Leadership meeting
9.45 am Meeting with representatives of the Autism Association of SA and the Non Government Special Education Committee.
11.30 am Meeting with the Director of the Investigator Science Centre.
12.00 pm Lunch meeting with departmental Computer Education experts.
1.00 pm Backbench committee meeting.
2.15 pm Parliament
6.30 pm Premier addresses House of Assembly and Legislative Council Backbenchers.
7.45 pm Parliament resumes.


(Parliamentary Sitting Day)
9.15 am Executive Council.
10.30 am Meet with representatives of Messenger Press re new youth newspaper.
11.30 am Meet with representatives of a school debating organisation to discuss funding.
12.15 pm Discussion with Director, Programs, about Guidance Officers in schools.
2.15 pm Parliament


(Non-sitting day)
8.30 am Coordination Meeting.
11.00 am Visits to schools in the Southern Vales with the local member for Parliament.
1.00 pm Lunch with Member of Parliament.
2.15 pm Discussions with representative from the PSA.
3.00 pm Briefing with Director of Personnel Department for Education and Children’s Services, re staffing issues.
4.00pm Signing time at office.
6.45pm Attend Rock’n’Roll Eisteddfod as guest judge.

9.00 am Special Cabinet meeting.
1.15 pm Officially open a new Child Care Centre.
7.15 pm Attend Vietnamese Full Moon Festival.

Spend morning with family.
2.10 pm Officially open new library at school – representing Premier.
3.30 pm Office work at home, including: letters/files and reading Cabinet submissions.


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