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Preparing for a Parliamentary Style Debate

  •  Choose a structure for debate from option 1 or 2.

Option 1

Use the existing debates included in Student Debate Resources that includes several scripted roles. Students with an unscripted role may choose to take on the role of a backbencher or sit on the cross bench. They may contribute to the debate with their own scripted speech or a spontaneous speech.

Option 2

Students write their own debates on to the Debate Template provided as a word document.

  •  Photocopy individual debate scripts onto coloured paper. Colour coding is shown as a footnote on each script. This supports students to identify each role and recognise the Government, Opposition Parties and Independents. It highlights that the Government must have more members on their side, as you form Government by having a majority in the House of Assembly.

  • Photocopy Debate Name Tags relevant for the roles in your debate onto coloured card using the template provided. Colour coding is shown as a footnote on each name tag.
  • Photocopy an A3 copy of The House of Assembly Map to show how to set up the learning area for the debate.
  • Photocopy the Bill for each participant.
  • Organise selection of roles for the debate including a Facilitator to direct proceedings. You may choose to be the Facilitator or support a student to take on this role.
  • Organise props that are needed for the debate including a bell and mace (eg broom handle).
  • Discuss ways that participants can support their Party Member after they have spoken, using a range of phrases such as ‘Hear, hear!’, ‘Good point!’ or ‘I agree!’

Students rehearse scripts before participating in the debate as a whole group.
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