Grain Handling Industry

Committee Details

Standing Orders
52nd Parliament 06/05/2010 - 15/02/2014
Final Report tabled on 19 September 2012

Committee Function

To investigate the Grain Handling Industry, and in particular –
(a)the capacity of the market to ensure a vigorous and competitive marketplace for grain growers;
(b)grain classification and standards, and whether internationally approved grain testing options should be available to growers on request;
(c)service delivery, including human resources, operating hours and storage capacity of grain handling points;
(d)export and shipping arrangements, including port access and associated costs;
(e)grain quality management, including receiving and out-turn;
(f)open and transparent information on all grains, including stock disclosures;
(g)adequacy of road and transport infrastructure for the Grain Industry; and
(h)any other related matter.
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