Public Works Committee

Committee Details

Parliamentary Committees Act 1991
54th Parliament 03/05/2018 - 19/02/2022
  • Mr Phil Frensham
  • Dr Joanne Hocking
  • Mr Patrick Dupont

Committee Function

To investigate and scrutinize individual and specific public capital expenditure projects. [a] to inquire into, consider and report on any public work referred to it by or under this Act, including: i.the stated purpose of the work; ii.the necessity or advisability of constructing it; iii.where the work purports to be of a revenue-producing character, the revenue that it might reasonably be expected to produce; iv.the present and prospective public value of the work; v.the recurrent or whole-of-life costs associated with the work, including costs arising out of financial arrangements; vi.the estimated net effect on the Consolidated Account or the funds of a statutory authority of the construction and proposed use of the work; vii.the efficiency and progress of construction of the work and the reasons for any expenditure beyond the estimated costs of its construction; [b] to perform such other functions as are imposed on the Committee under this or any other Act or by resolution of both Houses.
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