The following conditions must be strictly adhered to by persons who obtain approval for the use of Parliament House steps for a demonstration.

Approval for any demonstration is conditional upon receipt of written acceptance by the organiser/s of the terms listed below. (One copy of this form should be signed and returned to the Joint Presiding Officers, before the demonstration, and another be retained for organiser/s reference.)

Applications should be made a minimum of 2-3 business days in advance.


1. Responsibility for maintaining orderly conduct of the demonstration rests with the organiser/s.

2. Instructions from Parliament House Staff or Police Officers must be obeyed.

3. The facade of Parliament House must not be defaced.

4. Banners, posters or placards must not be tied or otherwise attached to the building in any way.

5. Candles may not be used under any circumstances.

6. A Public Address system may be used but power will not be provided.

7. On completion of the demonstration all materials and rubbish must be removed from the precincts before leaving