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  • Tabled Paper Glenthorne Site

    Requesting the House to urge the Government to maintain its commitment to no urban development on the Glenthorne site.
    Presented by
    Mr Kris Hanna
  • Tabled Paper General - Site Contamination (pdf 62 KB)

    a change to a more sensitive use of the land in accordance with the site contamination practice direction; (4) Regulation 3(1)—after the definition of private bushfire shelter insert: remediation has the same meaning as in the Environment Protection Act 1993; sensitive use means a use described in item 1 or 2 of the land use sensitivity hierarchy table in the site contamination practice direction unless, in accordance with that practice direction, the use is not to be regarded as a sensitive use in the particular circumstances; site contamination, site contamination audit, site contamination auditor, site contamination audit report, site contamination consultant have the same respective meanings as in the Environment Protection Act 1993; site contamination practice direction means a practice direction issued by the Commission relating to the assessment of development involving site contamination or potential site contamination on land; (5) Regulation 3—after subregulation
    Presented by
    Hon Vickie Chapman
  • Tabled Paper Building Site Toilets (pdf 111 KB)

    (3) Regulation 2.2.5—after subregulation (3) insert: (4) However, a toilet need not be provided at a temporary workplace if— (a) premises with a clean and hygienic toilet facility are reasonably accessible on the site; and (b) the owner of the premises has given permission for people working on the site to use the facility; and (c) the number of people working on the site at any one time does not exceed 5 people
    Presented by
    Hon Michael Wright
  • Tabled Paper 197th Report (pdf 1.41 MB)

    Pt Waterfront Redevelopment Site Remediation Works
    Presented by
    Hon Paul Caica
  • Committee Hansard 1996-08-28 Leue (pdf 153 KB)

    What is wrong with dumps?
  • Committee 82. Paulette (pdf 116 KB)

    By saying its ok to be a sex worker/it's a legit job, is saying to the community its ok to be a sex worker, its ok to visit a sex worker and its ok for girls to come from all over the world to be used for sex in the 120 brothels and massage parlours that I know of here in Adelaide.
  • Public Works Committee 6 Old RAH Site – State Heritage Buildings PART TWO: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The redevelopment of the Royal Adelaide Hospital Site presents a unique opportunity to transform Adelaide’s CBD.
  • The site is approximately seven hectares on the northeastern edge of the Adelaide CBD.
    Presented by
    Ms Vlahos
  • Committee signed site visit KI 2018.pdf (pdf 3.23 MB)

    Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers proposed wharf site 2 2.1.2.