Social Development Committee

Committee Details

Parliamentary Committees Act 1991
51st Parliament 27/04/2006 - 20/02/2010
  • Ms Robyn Schutte
  • Ms Kristina Willis-Arnold
  • Ms Sue Markotic

Committee Function

to investigate matters relating to the social well being of the community.

[a] to inquire into, consider and report on such of the following matters as are referred to it under this Act:

  1. any matter concerned with the health, welfare or education of the people of the State
  2. any matter concerned with occupational safety or industrial relations;
  3. any matter concerned with the arts, recreation or sport or the cultural or physical development of the people of the State;
  4. any matter concerned with the quality of life of communities, families or individuals in the State or how that quality of life might be improved;

[b] to perform such other functions as are imposed on the Committee under this or any other Act or by resolution of both Houses.
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