The Social Development Committee has resolved on its own motion to inquire into, and report on issues related to bow and crossbow hunting in South Australia, with reference to:

  1. How bows and crossbows are managed in the community;
  2. Current arrangements for bow and crossbow hunting in South Australia;
  3. The responsibility and involvement of SAPOL;
  4. How bow hunting is managed with regard to the Animal Welfare Act 1985 and its associated regulations; the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972; the National Parks and Wildlife (Hunting) Regulations 2011; and the SA Firearms Act 2015;
  5. A comparison with other states and how they manage this issue;
  6. Consideration of the adequacy of current licencing and/or compliance arrangements;
  7. Any other matter relevant to the inquiry

Any person or organisation wanting to make a written submission is invited to do so by Friday 9 April 2021.

Submissions that address issues outside the terms of reference may not be accepted. With regard to the hearing of evidence, the Committee reserves the right to determine which witnesses will be invited to provide an oral submission.

Once received, submissions are made publicly available on the internet unless determined otherwise by the Committee.

Please address written submissions and enquiries to:

The Secretary

Social Development Committee

GPO Box 572, Adelaide 5001

08 8237 9416

Additional information on the Committee and making a submission is available at