The Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee has opened an inquiry into Aboriginal heritage policies and standards in South Australia. In particular the committee will consider: 


  1. The operations of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988;
  2. The management of Aboriginal Heritage in South Australia;
  3. The level of protection that Aboriginal Heritage is afforded in South Australia;
  4. Proposals to strengthen Aboriginal Heritage protection;
  5. How to best protect intangible Aboriginal Heritage; and 
  6. How to best protect Aboriginal intellectual property

The original deadline for any person or organisation wishing to make a written submission to the Committee was 31 March 2021, but the Committee is now granting extensions for submissions.  Please contact to discuss a timeframe for making a submission.


Contact information:


Executive Research Officer

Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee

Parliament House

GPO Box 572, Adelaide 5001


(08) 8237 9568