The Environment, Resources and Development Committee will investigate and report on the appropriate and safe disposal of PFAS contaminated waste in South Australia, and in particular:
(a) criteria for disposal of PFAS contaminated waste;
(b) criteria for site selection (landfill engineering);
(c) consequences of not having an appropriate pathway for PFAS contaminated waste disposal, including reference to case studies; and
(d) any other related matters.

Further information about the Committee and the inquiry can be found on the Committee’s website

Submissions in writing should be received no later than Wednesday 6 October 2021.

All submissions will be publicly available unless otherwise decided by the Committee.

Please call our staff or access the website for further information about how to make a submission. Submissions can be emailed to:

The Parliamentary Officer
Environment Resources and Development Committee
Phone (08) 8237 9387 Fax (08) 8231 9130
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