COVID-19 Measures

Updated: 3 August 2020

Parliament House takes its responsibility to its building occupants and the community seriously and is committed to assisting in reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19.

Subject to any future Government and Police directions regarding gatherings and social distancing, the following procedures and visitation requirements are in place.

These procedures replace the previous advice issued between 25 March 2020 - 2 August 2020.


Non-access card holders will not be permitted into the Chamber public galleries on sitting days or Committee public galleries to view proceedings. This does not affect Committee witnesses.


Due to social distancing measures in effect in the Chambers, the public galleries will remain closed due to their use by staff, Members and other persons within the Parliamentary precinct.

Parliament is always open, transparent and accessible through its live broadcasting facilities, including Parliamentary sittings and committee hearings. You can access live broadcasts here: Live Broadcast

You can also access transcripts of all Parliamentary proceedings here: Hansard


Demonstrations on the steps of Parliament House are again permitted in line with current COVID-19 social distancing requirements. Please see the Conditions of Use form for further details: Conditions of Use


From 14 September 2020:

Public tours for walk in visitors will resume at 10am/2pm on non-sitting weekdays
School and community groups can book in with their local MP or a Member of the Legislative Council for tours on non-sitting weekdays at the following time slots:
9.30-10.30am – schools take priority
11.30am-12.30pm – schools take priority
2.30-3.30pm – community groups/other types of groups
The tour program and route will be temporarily modified to remove object handling (such as props for school groups) and role plays, to ensure proper sanitisation of the precinct.

No student school bags will be permitted.


Tour Types

General Public 
Primary and Secondary Schools
TAFE/Tertiary/Adult Learning
Public Sector Employees
Community Groups, Clubs and Interest Groups


General Public

When Parliament is not sitting, guided public tours are available free of charge at 10am and 2pm on weekdays. Click here to view the sitting calendar.

Primary and Secondary Schools

School tours are an excellent way to enhance student learning around South Australian history, Civics & Citizenship, and Legal studies.  Students can explore both houses of Parliament and the Parliamentary Research Library.

School tours are hosted by the school’s local member of Parliament.  Requests for school tours must be made directly to the office of a member of Parliament.

How to organise a school tour

  1. Find the state electorate your school falls within.  If you need assistance, use the Electoral Commission SA interactive boundaries map to determine an electorate via address.
  2. Search for the electorate and corresponding member on our member search page.
  3. Call the electorate office and coordinate a time for your tour. The electorate office will need to know:
  4. Prepare your students for arrival at Parliament House.

If your member is unavailable, other options may be available.


What is the difference between student experiences on a sitting day and non-sitting day?

On non-sitting days you can go onto the floors of the House of Assembly and Legislative Council and sit in the members’ seats.  Students can debate in the House of Assembly chamber. We recommend non-sitting days for learners at the beginning of a Civics & Citizenship unit, or below year 9.

On sitting days students observe proceedings from the public viewing galleries in silence.  There is the opportunity to watch question time.  We recommend sitting days for learners who have completed a unit of work and are ready to watch Parliament in action, or senior students.

How many students can I bring?

A maximum of 33 students.

What do I need to do on the day of the tour?

My local member is unavailable, what can I do?

Members of the Legislative Council represent all South Australians and may be able to assist you with your school tour.  Click here for a list of Legislative Council members and their office contact details.


TAFE/Tertiary/Adult Learning

The Community Education Office runs regular tours for TAFE classes, tertiary institutions and adult learners.  Contact the Education Officer for dates and further information.

Natalie Young
(08) 8237 9386

Public Sector Employees

The Community Education Office runs regular tours for mentoring groups and graduates within the public sector.  Contact the Education Officer for dates and further information.

Natalie Young
(08) 8237 9386

Community Groups, Clubs and Interest Groups

Community groups, clubs and interest groups are welcome to contact a member of the House of Assembly or the Legislative Council to request a tour.  Click here for contact information for Legislative Council members.  Click here for contact information for House of Assembly Members.  If you need assistance finding your electorate and contacting your local member:

  1. Use the Electoral Commission SA interactive boundaries map to determine your electorate via address.
  2. Search for the electorate and corresponding member on our member search page.


The accessible entrance to Parliament House is available via the Old Parliament House doors on North Terrace. 
Please call (08) 8237 9200 for assistance.  There is an intercom at the entrance doors for your convenience.